It’s hard to avoid the Valentine’s clichés when looking for ways to woo your significant other. Few ideas compete with the thrill of a yacht charter or river cruise. Time spent on the water is as about as romantic as it gets. And there’s plenty of scope for getting adventurous with the theme, too.

A red superyacht, such as the 262-foot Leona, colloquially called “the Red Bullet,” or the 81-foot Highland Fling VXIII, which is the first unit in the flagship Gunboat 80 series, might suit those who like to wear their heart on their sleeve. Yachts with an amorous name, like the 155-foot Abbracci (meaning “kiss” in Italian) or Feadship’s 303.5-foot Royal Romance say it how it is.

If going all out to declare your love feels like the way to go in 2024, then an onboard proposal or maritime wedding could be as good as it gets. From getting the captain ordained to taking the yacht on a Caribbean honeymoon charter, followed up with gastronomic meals taken alfresco with a heart-red sunset as the backdrop, the options are endless.

Here are eight of the best Valentine’s yacht-themed surprises that will raise your loved one’s heart beat this year.