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The Soneva Soul Festival 2024 offers a holistic getaway in the Maldives

by Staff

Soneva Fushi once again hosts their festival of health and well-being this year – the Soul Festival from the 9th of October to the 13th.

The second rendition of the festival after its immensely successful debut in 2023 is a much-awaited event. The event comprises an immersive 5-day experience that takes attendees on a journey of health and exploration through discussions and workshops in the lush Maldives. A dream exploration of self and soul alleviated by discussions about the ‘Future of Wellness’ with wellbeing visionaries and leaders in the field. The illustrious lineup this year includes internal medicine and endocrine physician Zach Bush; professor of Clinical Stem Cell Research at Karolinska Institutet, Katarina Le Blanc; physician, bestselling author and speaker Jeffrey Rediger; philosopher, writer and founder of The Emergence Network, Bayo Akomolafe; spoken word artist, speaker and rights activist Richard Williams; author, peak performance expert and founder of the Flow Genome Project Jamie Wheal; and health and wellness cultivator and media personality Irina Sharma, among other distinguished names.

Soneva Fushi Private Sandbank Dinner / Richard Waite

Apart from wellness professionals and their insights, the five-day Soul Festival also incorporates multiple well-being exercises. Panel discussions, keynote addresses and workshops are only a segment. In the idyllic Soneva Fushi, one can engage in meditation, yoga, fitness boot camps, qi gong, breathwork and cacao ceremonies promoting a more holistic activity-based lifestyle. That said, the festival also acts as a stage for artistic expression and culture through music and art.  Food at Soul is soul nourishing quite literally as the dining takes a plant-based, adaptogenic-focused approach to promote physical and gut health as well. The festival curates a weeklong truly immersive journey of restoration and well-being, surrounded by the bountiful gifts of nature in the Maldives also complemented by a 24/7 Barefoot Guardian butler service

Soneva Fushi  Soul Festival 2023 Meditation and Yoga Group Sessions / Moosa Haleem for Soneva

“Magic healing powers and soul connection conversations. It has left a really big imprint on my heart and on my soul, and I’ve had some wonderful, deep healing. It’s been the best trip I’ve ever had because it was 100 times more than just a holiday and just education,” said Oli an attendee of the first Soul Festival, talking about his transformative journey.

Hidden away from urban worries, the festival taking place at the Soneva Fushi in the Maldives’ Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve creates a holistic getaway to not only experience the peace of a vacation but also elevate one’s lifestyle and well-being. The festival guests find an opportunity to reconnect with themselves in the heart of nature, surrounded by pristine sands and tranquil waters as well as a range of thought-provoking experiences.

Hero and Feature images: Courtesy Soneva

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