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The terrifying new attraction which dangles guests near the edge of a skyscraper

by Staff

A TOURIST attraction 70 floors high is dangling visitors near the edge of a New York City landmark.

The new attraction on Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock lifts visitors up on a beam above the safety glass around the edge of the building.

The Beam Experience gives riders an uninterrupted photograph of NYCCredit: ABC News
The iconic photograph was taken in 1932Credit: Corbis

Called ‘The Beam Experience’, the attraction recreates the iconic 1932 black and white photograph ‘Lunch atop a skyscraper’.

A souvenir photograph gives tourists a memorable image of their time in The Big Apple with a vista of the city uninterrupted behind them.

During the two-minute ride, people are only held to the beam by a small seatbelt, leaving people watching “scared” of falling to their death.

It’s the latest in a number of high-stakes tourist attractions that give riders even higher views.

The 90-second clip, posted to TikTok by ABC News, has been watched 1.7m times in only one day and has left viewers shocked.

Most commenters were freaked out by the height and were worried about falling to the death.

“Coz that doesnt look like a health & safety hazard at all.. what if someone fell not clipped in,” said Angela.

“The level of anxiety I had just watching,” said Nina.

“My intrusive thoughts could never I’d be on the pavement in seconds,” said another commenter.

“Even that height would send me into panic mode,” said a fourth person.

Some commenters disliked people were now recreating an iconic working-class image.

“Pathetic. Real men died to build these cities. Now we mock them with this nonsense? Real Classy,” said one commenter.

‘Lunch atop a skyscraper’ is an iconic American photograph and shows 11 workers sitting on a large iron beam smoking cigarettes and holding lunchboxes.

The men are sitting 800 feet above the ground and Manhattan can be seen in the background.

Ironically, the 1932 photograph itself was a publicity stunt as it was part of a campaign to promote the RCA Building.

The Beam Experience costs £31 for an adult and £26 for a child.

The new attraction at Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock observation deck lets visitors sit atop a beamCredit: ABC News
The video shows two of the beam rides happening next to each otherCredit: ABC News

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