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The TikTok stars making a living from travelling the world promoting holidays

by Staff

A North Shields couple have made travelling the world their full-time job after seeing millions of people tune in to watch their holiday videos on TikTok.

The last 12 months have been a “whirlwind” for Grace Gonsalez and Nathan Davis, both 20, who turned their vlogging hobby into a successful career.

The content creators, who first started their ‘‘Nathan and Grace’ TikTok account as teenagers in 2020, now have 967.1K followers and racked up an incredible 62.3M likes on the platform.

“It has been crazy,” Grace said.

“Just before the first lockdown in 2020 TikTok had just come about and I put the idea to Nathan of setting up a joint account. At first, he wasn’t so sure but then he said, ‘Let’s just give it a try.’

The North Shields couple are travelling the world

“That was probably the best decision he has ever made.”

The couple’s first video gained more than 2M views overnight and as their following grew brands started reaching out offering them promotion work.

“That’s when we were like, ‘Wow, we can make this into something more full-time,'” Grace said.

“It was quite crazy because neither of us had proper full-time jobs before this as we had just finished school and went into lockdown.”

Coming out of the pandemic, the pair then decided to shift focus from comedy videos and start producing travel content to engage their followers.

In May 2023 the pair spent six weeks in Tenerife making daily TikTok videos about their trip to give holidaymakers travel tips on the best activities on offer, as well as ideas for places to stay and eat.

“It just absolutely blew up,” Grace said.

“The videos accumulated over 50 million views, which is mental. When the six weeks was up we were approached by a company to go to Mallorca and vlog from there.”

The second trip was another success and the pair quickly found themselves inundated with offers from travel companies, hotels, and brands to promote other destinations.

In 2023 Grace and Nathan visited 10 countries – including a trip of a lifetime to Vietnam paid for by TikTok to promote tourism in the country.

Grace Gonsalez and Nathan Davis at London Heathrow airport. (Image: Grace Gonsalez)

“Vietnam was just crazy,” Grace said.

“It was the furthest we have ever travelled and it was just an amazing experience. Even stepping foot onto the Emirates flight was just crazy as we have only ever flown with Tui.”

She continued: “I think people like the fact that we are normal people from North Shields who really appreciate what we are doing.

“That’s why people really resonate with the travel content. We are not rich celebrities who fly business class and go to extravagant locations.

“We go to really normal places like Tenerife, Spain, London, and Manchester, but we also go to these exciting locations because of the opportunities we have been given.”

2024 looks set to be another huge year for the couple – who met on Instagram – as the pair are set to visit their “dream” destination of Australia. Grace and Nathan have paid for their flights but will work with an Australian tourism company for two months while they are out there.

“We just absolutely love what we are doing and we are really lucky,” Grace said.

Grace trained in musical theatre, while Nathan studied electrical engineering before they decided to become full-time content creators. The couple have set up a limited company and pay tax while spending hours filming and editing each video.

Grace said that when people don’t understand the role of a content creator she tells them they are “like a modernised version of adverts.”

“People spend more time scrolling on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram than watching TV these days,” she said.

“So it makes sense for us to promote things because [followers] are seeing our content more than they see an advert on TV. But we only promote things we have a genuine interest in and I think that’s why our followers trust us.”

She continued: “It’s a very new thing so I think a lot of people are not seeing it as a valid career but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and a lot of work that goes into what we do.

“Our main aim is just to entertain people, give people lots of good tips to go on nice holidays and spread positivity and happiness.”

To check out Nathan and Grace’s travel blogs TikTok click here.

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