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The USA’s 10 Shortest Jet Flights

by Staff


  • The US’s average domestic passenger jet flight is 809 miles (1,302 km) this year.
  • Six carriers or their regional units operate the 10 shortest offerings.
  • At just 31 miles (50 km), Petersburg to Wrangell, a part of Alaska Airlines’ milk run service, covers the least distance.

Jet aircraft will operate 95% of the flights to, from, and in the US in 2024, based on analyzing all schedules using Cirium data. Not surprisingly, it is about five percentage points higher than the world average. As these figures include domestic and international markets, the USA’s average domestic jet-operated flight will cover 809 miles (1,302 km).

The US’s 10 shortest jet flights: 2024

As of February 24 and subject to change, they are shown in the following table. As usual, I have only mentioned scheduled passenger flights. I have concentrated on the mainland US, so I have excluded the US territories of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Some routes fell outside the top 10 by as little as one mile. It’s harsh but true.

Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

All the following are bookable, even the very short legs, as part of a one-stop terminator or triangular routing. These include United between Dodge City and Liberal, both in Kansas, which begins and ends in Denver using the 50-seat, all-economy Bombardier CRJ200.

Miles (km)



Flights in 2024**

Aircraft in 2024 (ordered by flights)


31 (50)


Alaska Airlines


737-800, 737-700

41 (66)


Alaska Airlines



Seasonal service resumes on June 1

61 (97)

Fort Dodge-Mason City


Up to daily


Triangularly to/from Chicago O’Hare, both O’Hare-Fort Dodge-Mason City-O’Hare and O’Hare-Mason City-Fort Dodge-O’Hare

67 (108)

Chicago O’Hare-Milwaukee

American, United

Up to 12 daily

CRJ200, E175, CRJ700, E175

69 (111)





This direction only, triangularly to/from Houston Intercontinental

70 (113)

Boston-Martha’s Vineyard




Seasonal service resumes on June 13

73 (117)

Denver-Colorado Springs

United, Southwest

Up to 17 daily

Multiple types/variants

74 (119)=

Dodge City-Liberal


Up to daily


Triangular, routing both Denver-Dodge City-Liberal-Denver and Denver-Liberal-Dodge City-Denver

74 (119)=



Normally 3 daily


75 (121)

Charlotte-Greenville Spartanburg


Up to 10 daily

CRJ900, A320, E175, CRJ700, ERJ-145, A319

* Incl. regional unit

** Anytime this year with all airlines

The Alaska Airlines milk run service

The shortest jet flight is between Petersburg and Wrangell. It is part of Alaska Airlines‘ intra-Alaska milk run operation, which is simply a multi-stop service between Anchorage and Seattle using the same aircraft with the same flight number.

SF_Climbing N613AS, Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-700 (16x9)_JAK

Photo: Joe Kunzler | Simple Flying

It is on flight AS64 southbound. Using the 124-seat 737-700, the schedule on the day of writing is as follows, with all times local. The full route is not bookable as a complete itinerary in one day.

  • Anchorage-Juneau: 11:00-12:41
  • Juneau-Petersburg: 13:31-14:10
  • Petersburg-Wrangell: 15:06-15:31
  • Wrangell-Ketchikan: 16:18-16:55
  • Ketchikan-Seattle: 17:42-20:38

AS milk run routing

Image: GCMap

From Seattle to Anchorage, AS65 is scheduled as follows, with all times local:

  • Seattle-Ketchikan: 08:15-09:28
  • Ketchikan-Wrangell: 10:15-10:58
  • Wrangell-Petersburg: 11:45-12:11
  • Petersburg-Juneau: 12:58-13:43
  • Juneau-Anchorage: 14:33-16:24

Which of the 10 airport pairs listed in the table have you flown? Let us know in the comment section.

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