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These 9 US Airports Will Have Airbus A380 Flights This Summer

by Staff


  • The US ranks third globally in Airbus A380 flights this summer.
  • Nine airports have double-decker services.
  • Eight carriers will use the superjumbo – more than any other country.

After the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, the United States has the world’s most Airbus A380 flights this summer. (I like how all three start with United.) Analysis of OAG schedules data shows that it was number two in 2019, but services remain a quarter lower than they were.

Nine US airports have A380 flights

Based on the IATA slot seasons, northern airlines will switch to summer schedules on March 31, 2024, which is not far away. Given this, the table that follows is for April-September. One US airport – Boston – has summer seasonal A380 service, while Washington Dulles presently has no double-decker flights but will do so again in March.

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There are some important dates:

  • Los Angeles: Asiana increases A380 service to 2 daily on March 1 (not March 31)
  • New York JFK; Lufthansa’s aircraft return on March 31, Etihad’s on April 22, and Korean Air’s on May 11 (they operate until February 29, but then return in May)
  • Boston: Lufthansa’s double-deckers are back on March 15, followed by British Airways’ on March 31
  • Washington Dulles: Emirates’ A380s resume on March 31, British Airways’ on May 1, and Lufthansa’s on June 1

The plan: April to September


Daily flights* (April-September only)

Airline (destination)

Los Angeles

7 to 9 daily

Asiana (Seoul), British Airways (London Heathrow), Emirates (Dubai), Korean Air (Seoul), Lufthansa (Munich), Qantas (Melbourne, Sydney)

New York JFK

5 to 7 daily

Emirates (Dubai, non-stop and via Milan), Etihad (Abu Dhabi), Korean Air (Seoul), Lufthansa (Munich)

San Francisco

2 daily

British Airways (London Heathrow), Emirates (Dubai)


2 daily

All Nippon (Tokyo Narita)

Washington Dulles

Daily to 3 daily

British Airways (London Heathrow), Emirates (Dubai), Lufthansa (Munich)


2 daily

British Airways (London Heathrow), Lufthansa (Munich)



British Airways (London Heathrow)

Houston Intercontinental


Emirates (Dubai)

Dallas Fort Worth


British Airways (London Heathrow)

* Each way (double for both ways), reflecting the above-mentioned important dates

The biggest changes since 2020

In an airport sense, Chicago O’Hare no longer has a double-decker service. Aside from a one-off roundtrip by Emirates in 2016, British Airways was the only carrier to use the A380 to O’Hare. It did so between May 2018 and October 2019 before returning in June 2022 and switching again in December 2023. (Atlanta had A380 flights until 2019.)


These US Airports No Longer Have Airbus A380 Flights

More details are provided here.

In an airline sense, Air France ceased using the equipment to Los Angeles, Miami, and New York-JFK in early 2020 and later withdrew the type. Much more recently, Singapore Airlines used its 471-seat A380s on Singapore-Frankfurt-New York-JFK, with the last roundtrip in May 2023.

To end on a positive note, Etihad’s 486-seat quadjets, which reentered service in July 2023 from Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow, will again be used to the US from April 2024. It will be more than four years since it last did so. A more or less daily year-round A380 service will operate, with its other daily flight using the 787-9.

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