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These Are The Top 10 Solo Traveler Destinations For 2024 According To New Report

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When you think of solo travelers, you may imagine young people fresh out of college backpacking their way around the globe as cheaply as possible.

But that is no longer the whole story – the latest trends in solo travel show that the largest group is now actually people aged between 30 and 45, with women making up around 70%.

These travelers still want to do things in an affordable way, but they do have a little more to spend, often working as digital nomads as they travel.

Woman traveler tourist sitting on viewpoint in Petra ancient city, ancient historical site famous travel destination of Jordan and one of seven wonders. UNESCO World Heritage site

They also have a pretty good idea about the places they want to see, a few of which may surprise you.

New data from trip booking platform Flash Pack, which specializes in trips for solo travelers in their 30s and 40s, has revealed the top 10 most booked destinations for 2024 through its service.

Some iconic places have made the list, with a heavy leaning towards Asia and South America. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Japan

It’s already looking like 2024 could be ‘the year of Japan’ when it comes to travel.

This fascinating Asian nation is at the top of many solo travelers’ bucket lists, offering a cultural experience like no other.

From the bright lights of Tokyo to the ancient streets of Kyoto, Japan’s cities have a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, entertainment, and amazing food.

busy street in downtown shinjuku tokyo japanbusy street in downtown shinjuku tokyo japan
Photo by David Guest

Now is also a great time to visit the country thanks to the relative weakness of Japan’s currency when compared to the U.S. dollar.

This should make a relatively expensive country a little bit cheaper to visit.

kinkakuji golden temple in kyoto japankinkakuji golden temple in kyoto japan
Photo by David Guest

2. Argentina

Widely regarded as one of the cheapest and safest countries to visit in South America, Argentina looks set to become one of 2024’s trendiest places.

Buenos Aires offers some of the best nightlife in Latin America while it’s also packed with incredible restaurants offering Argentinian favorites such as excellent steak and fine red wine.

For nature lovers, the southern region of Patagonia is a breathtaking place to travel and is well-equipped with plenty of campsites and hostels.

woman taking photo of floralis generica in buenos aires argentinawoman taking photo of floralis generica in buenos aires argentina

The newly elected Argentinian government just slashed the value of the currency in the country to help tackle a financial crisis, which should make it much cheaper for Americans to visit in the short term.

3. Egypt

Egypt is a country that has been trending throughout 2023 and looks set to continue on that path well into this year.

The country made the top 10 in Google’s recent ‘year in search’ list, thanks in part to it finally relaxing many of its strict and lingering COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

The obvious pull of Egypt is its incredible history with iconic attractions such as the pyramids, which are widely considered one of those bucket list things you simply must see once in your lifetime.

But it’s not just pharos and mummies pulling in the visitors; Egypt is home to amazing beach resorts on its Red Sea coast.

woman in red top looking at pyramids in the distance in egyptwoman in red top looking at pyramids in the distance in egypt

It’s also an affordable country for Western travelers to visit, with Lonely Planet estimating that you can grab a budget hotel for around $30 per night.

4. Sri Lanka

As 2023 came to a close, things were just getting started in the island nation of Sri Lanka.

The country reported record tourism numbers for November, and looks set to have a very strong year in 2024, with travelers attracted its unique blend of incredible nature, stunning beaches, and affordable prices.

Sri Lanka’s south coast is one of its most popular destinations with locations such as Galle, Mirissa, and Tangelle among the most popular.

woman riding train through forest in sri lankawoman riding train through forest in sri lanka

Another popular activity for visitors is catching one of the picturesque train rides through the forested interior of the island – it’s one of those bucket list photos for your Instagram.

5. Colombia

Colombia’s popularity seems to grow and grow with each passing year.

Now that you can stay there for six months without a visa, travelers are exploring more of its colorful cities and towns and finding favorites in the shape of Medellin and Cartagena.

Colombia is still an affordable place to visit, and if you have a decent level of Spanish after years of visiting Mexico, you will get along just fine.

aerial view of the penol stone in guatape colombia near medellinaerial view of the penol stone in guatape colombia near medellin

Rounding off the top 10 are:

  • Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
  • Jordan
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Bali

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