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These DC Heroes Desperately Need A Vacation

by Staff

DC Comics has presented heroism on another level. DC’s heroes are heroic paragons, setting examples for their fellow do-gooders and battling against the worst enemies imaginable. Many of DC’s heroes are devoted to their chosen field and protect their cities 24/7, giving up much of their time to protect the innocent. Add to that the teams that many of them have also joined over the years, and they rarely have any chance to just be themselves or enjoy their lives.

Among DC’s pantheon of heroes, it’s safe to say that everyone needs a vacation, but some deserve it more than others. They’ve been through the wars, jumping from battle to battle constantly. They give their all constantly and could use a little time off to enjoy the world they’re constantly saving.

10 Black Adam Has Way Too Much On His Plate


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There are some out there who would argue against Black Adam being called a hero, but he has devoted himself to helping others for a while now. Black Adam has been fighting evil lately, even joining the Justice League and helping save the Multiverse when Pariah and Deathstroke attacked in Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths. Black Adam has fought some epic battles, all while running his own country one that is surrounded by enemies.

Black Adam has a lot to deal with, so a vacation would be good for him. Theo Adam has millennia of trauma under his belt and has rarely had the time to relax and not worry about anything. Black Adam is usually the kind of person who always has to be doing something, but it would do his mental health a lot of good if he took a break somewhere tropical.

9 Barbara Gordon Could Use A Chance To Unwind

Barbara Gordon as Oracle from DC Comics

Barbara Gordon started as a superhero when she was a teenager and has had quite a time since then. She fought crime as Batgirl, got shot by the Joker, spent years as Oracle was able to start walking again, and immediately went back to being Batgirl again. Barbara has recently reunited with Nightwing, and the two of them have been working together in Blüdhaven, trying to make the city a better place.

Barbara Gordon has never really taken a break. She’s always thrown herself headlong into her work, which isn’t healthy mentally. Barbara Gordon has had to deal with a lot in her years as a member of the Bat Family and has rarely taken any actual time off to process it and get past it. A vacation could give her time to unwind and remember who she is outside the superhero drama.

8 Damian Wayne Should Be Forced To Take A Vacation

Damian Wayne's Robin at the center of DC Comics Lazarus Planet event.

Damian Wayne isn’t a normal person. Damian was raised by his mother to be the heir to both her legacy as an al Ghul and the legacy of his father as Batman. Damian Wayne was constantly being trained, physically and mentally, and didn’t even get a chance for a normal life until Dick Grayson basically forced him to have something of a childhood. Damian Wayne is definitely a hard case, but he’s proven that he does enjoy normal human things at times.

Damian would never willingly take a vacation, but he definitely could use one. Damian has experienced so little of the real world outside of being a superhero. His entire life has been either training or fighting, so if there’s anyone out there who could definitely do well with a vacation, it’s him. Damian needs to experience the world outside just being Robin to truly understand what he’s fighting for.

7 Superman Finally Had Enough Back-Up To Take A Vacation

DC Compact Comic All-Star Superman cover.


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Superman is the Earth’s first line of defense against the most powerful threats, which is what has kept him from taking vacations. Superman’s life has always been eventful and that’s always made it difficult to take a vacation. Any time he tried, Darkseid would attack or Lex Luthor would be trying to kill him again, and things would get interrupted. However, many things have changed for Superman and he can finally take a vacation in a way he couldn’t before.

Superman has built up his Superman Family like never before. There’s Jon Kent, Superboy, Steel – both John Henry and Natasha Irons, Supergirl, Super-Man, and Power Girl. Working together, they can handle any threat out there. With that much backup, there’s no reason for Superman not to take a vacation. Superman can just leave things up to his Superman family, allowing them to handle things while he and Lois finally have a vacation.

6 A Vacation Could Give Red Hood Perspective On His Life

Red Hood surrounded by enemies

Jason Todd has had a tougher life than most sidekicks. Jason’s time as Robin ended with him learning the truth about his mother and then getting beaten to death and blown up. Jason Todd was then resurrected, and trained by Talia al Ghul, returning to Gotham to take revenge on everyone who had a hand in his death. Jason Todd became the Red Hood, battling against his old mentor Batman and the gangs of Gotham, and then spent a short time lashing out against Dick Grayson when he was Batman before finally rejoining the Bat Family.

After that, Red Hood embraced violence and spent years as the black sheep of the Bat Family. Red Hood really can’t catch a break – as evidenced by Batman’s treatment of him in the years since his return – and needs to get some perspective on his life and what it means. The best way to do that would be a vacation. Red Hood hasn’t taken any time off since he returned, and even before that rarely got a chance to enjoy his life. A vacation would allow him to finally see the life that he has been missing all of these years.

5 Wally West Has The Means To Take His Family On An Epic Vacation

Wally West’s return from limbo was both happy and tragic. Happy because he finally got out of the Speed Force and was allowed to live his life again. Tragic because his family – wife Linda and their children Jai and Irey – didn’t exist. Linda did, but she had no memory of their life together. This would drive Wally to despair, which would set off a series of events that ended in the destruction of Sanctuary when a Speed Force flare bursting from his body killed everyone at the superhero mental health facility.

However, better times were ahead, as Wally was able to restore his family to existence and take up the mantle of the Flash again. Since then, Wally has rarely had a moment when he wasn’t fighting evil, being a parent, or working at a rather lucrative job given to him by Mister Terrific. Wally West is a great hero, but the West family hasn’t had a chance to take a real vacation together. Wally West has the means to finally take his family on an amazing vacation, thanks to his new job, and there are few heroes out there who deserve it more.

4 Jay Garrick Has The Perfect Reason To Take A Vacation

Jay Garrick running as The Flash

Jay Garrick started the legend of the Flash way back in the 1940s, battling Nazis and supervillains on his own and alongside the Justice Society. Jay Garrick has run the race of a hero for decades, setting an example for everyone who came after him. Jay Garrick loves being a superhero, but he has a greater reason than ever to take off time from being a hero – he’s rediscovered his forgotten daughter, the Boom.

The Boom, along with other children and young sidekicks of Justice Society members, were kidnapped, and their place in the world was erased. Stargirl was able to find them all, restoring them to their proper place. Jay and his wife Joan always wanted a child, and the return of the Boom has finally given them that. Jay Garrick has been fighting evil for decades and deserves a chance to spend some time with his wife and their rediscovered daughter. The Garricks can be a family again for the first time.

3 Barry Allen Should Take The Chance To Go On A Long Vacation

Barry Allen carries Iris West while running at super speed


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Barry Allen’s time as the Flash saw him help found the Justice League, protect Central City from the worst threats, and then sacrifice his life to save the Multiverse. Barry’s eventual return to life would see him become the premiere Flash again, dealing with all kinds of threats, including the Reverse-Flash’s obsession with destroying his life. Wally West has taken over as the Flash, giving Barry time to unwind, so he should use this chance to take a vacation.

Barry asked Iris West to marry him again in The Flash: One-Minute War and the two of them could use a chance to enjoy their time together. Barry really hasn’t had much chance to unwind since his return and had to deal with the Reverse-Flash constantly trying to destroy his life. After all of that, a nice vacation with Iris is just what the doctor ordered for Barry Allen.

2 Wonder Woman Has Seemingly Never Taken Any Time Off

Wonder Woman flies in front of a helicopter

Wonder Woman was sent to Man’s World to spread the gospel of the Amazons, doing her best to bring peace and love to the world. Wonder Woman quickly earned her place among the greatest heroes on Earth, becoming a leader in the superhero community. Wonder Woman’s superhero career has seen her save the world multiple times, but there’s one thing that it seems like she’s never done – take a vacation.

Wonder Woman has been constantly on the go and has never really stopped to just enjoy the world around her. Diana would certainly argue that it’s her job to protect those weaker than her, but after everything she’s done, she deserves a vacation. Wonder Woman has never really had anything approaching a normal life, so a vacation would do wonders for her.

1 Batman Needs A Vacation More Than Anyone Else

Batman is obsessed with fighting crime. There’s really no other way to describe his unending mission. Batman has basically given up completely on any kind of life as a normal person, throwing himself into being Batman in lieu of dealing with his trauma. Batman has even built a family of superheroes so he doesn’t have to be alone in his struggle, allowing him to fight evil constantly.

Batman battles the worst villains imaginable, putting his life on the line constantly. Batman can do anything he puts his mind to, but there’s one thing he never does – take a vacation. Batman is never going to have a normal life. That ship has long since sailed. However, that doesn’t mean that Batman can take some time off every now and again. A vacation would do wonders for the Dark Knight, energizing him and allowing him to experience a facet of life he’s often denied himself.

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