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This Man Has ‘Solved’ 6-Year-Old Mystery In Horror Flick Hereditary

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If you are a fan of the horror and supernatural genre in films, there is no chance that you might have missed the cult horror film, Hereditary. For those who have watched it, the mention of its name is enough to send chills down their spine. Well, the horror fanatic in you is in luck today as an ardent fan of the 2018 film claims to have deciphered a long-standing mystery that had been perplexing since the film’s initial viewing. Directed by Ari Aster, the film features actor Toni Collette as the protagonist coping with familial loss and the subsequent onslaught and horrifying instances. The scary narrative of Hereditary has left audiences with lingering nightmares.

However, one fan took the challenge to uncover a particular enigma related to the portrayal of a crucial demon within the movie.

According to a Redditor, he/she has cracked the code surrounding the depiction of Paimon, the main demonic antagonist in the film. The fan expressed confusion over the portrayal of Paimon in the film, where the demon is illustrated wearing black robes, wielding a staff, and mounted on a camel – a representation seemingly inconsistent with other depictions of the demon.

“In the movie Hereditary, there’s a scene where the main character Annie opens up a spellbook and sees a drawing of Paimon, the demonic main antagonist of the film. However, besides riding a camel, there’s no connection between Paimon’s appearance here and any previous depictions of him that I can find. This puzzled me for a long time ever since watching it, but I think I figured out what happened,” said the Redditor, shedding light on the confusion.

In a Reddit post, the fan pointed to an alternate drawing where Paimon is summoned by a figure resembling the demon’s appearance in the film Hereditary. The Redditor suggests that the director, Ari Aster, might have drawn inspiration from a drawing by Aleister Crowley, a prominent figure in occultism. This drawing features Crowley summoning Paimon, with both figures potentially being misconstrued due to their reversed positioning.


A Redditor proposed a theory suggesting that the movie’s director might have inadvertently mixed up two distinct representations of Paimon. “It would be easy for a casual viewer of the image to mistake the figures for their reverse,” the user adds.

The much-applauded and talked about film, Hereditary, narrates the haunting experiences of a grieving family confronted by tragic and disturbing occurrences following the death of their mentally ill matriarch. Annie (Toni Collette), her husband (Gabriel Byrne), son (Alex Wolff), and daughter (Milly Shapiro) struggle through grief, delving into supernatural avenues to cope with their emotional turmoil. The film weaves a tale of sinister secrets and intergenerational emotional trauma, offering audiences a chilling exploration of the horror genre.

Hereditary has also garnered the title of the scariest film of all time in a 2021 study by, where over 2,500 dedicated horror enthusiasts voted for their top picks.

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