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TikToker sent on 9-month-long cruise to film the drama onboard

by Staff

There’s drama brewing on the high seas.

People on the internet have been fascinated by Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise, which travels around the globe for 9 months.

One TikTok user, in particular, became obsessed with the drama happening during the two weeks the cruise-goers have been onboard, including cliques among passengers, allegations of a “caste system” and an exclusive “town hall” that people aren’t being invited to.

Marc Sebastian posted a video in December begging the cruise line to put a camera crew on the ship and make a reality show out of it, arguing that “there will be enough footage for at LEAST 3 season, 1 hr episodes.”

“Put cameras on that ship right now,” Sebastian said in the video, which has gained 7 million views and 1.2 million likes. “You haven’t even been on there for two weeks.”

Royal Caribbean International's newest ship, Serenade of the Seas debuted in New York City this weekend. Godmother Whoopi Goldberg officially gave the ship its name during ceremonies in New York City on Aug. 22, 2003. Serenade of the Seas will sail four- and five-night itineraries to Canada from New York City until October, when she repositions to San Juan to offer seven-night Southern Caribbean cruises throughout the winter. (PRNewsFoto)
People on the internet have been fascinated by Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise, which travels around the globe for 9 months. PRN

“It’s so haunted. There’s going to be mutiny, there’s going to be blood, someone is going overboard, I want to watch. Bravo, where are you? I need eyes.”

He said this content would be of the likes of the viral Fyre Festival and Bama Rush documentaries.

Then he offered to do it himself.

“Put me on the cruise, I’ll go,” he pleaded. “I will cause chaos, I will wreck havoc, and I will film everything.”

After the video went viral, a “very unexpected and cool brand” reached out to Sebastian and offered a partnership that would put him on the cruise to get all the tea on record.

Sebastian announced that he would be boarding the cruise in Antarctica in partnership with Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, who “jumped at the chance to be a part of this viral moment,” according to Business Insider.

“Marc brought so many interactive and engaging ideas about how to incorporate our books into his travels. And, of course, what better companion for a long journey than a good book,” a representative for Atria Books told the outlet.

While he won’t be on the cruise for the entire 274-day trip, Sebastian will spend 18 nights on the boat recording his experience and the hot gossip.

He’s already made some new friends onboard, though he did admit he got into an argument with a “Pinnacle Club” member — a guest who paid extra for certain benefits — who scolded him for swearing.

“Was I a little bit bitchy back to them? Yeah. But you’re not my f–king mother, don’t tell me how to speak,” he said of the passenger, who was wearing a Pinnacle gold name tag “to prove to exactly no-one how superior they are.”

He continued, “Yes, we were in a public space, around no children, and you’re the one trying to overhear what we were talking about.”

Sebastian even went to a vlogger meetup on the ship where he met the “main characters” of the world cruise.

“I wish that they were kind of meaner so I would have more drama with them,” he told Business Insider. “But honestly, early days, so who knows.”

His main complaints were about the lighting, music, artwork and mini fridge in his room.

“Non-stop music being pumped into every room, every hall, every dining room you enter. I swear I sat on a chair and the music got louder,” Sebastian complained, saying it was “overstimulating.”

“Yesterday I arrived to an empty mini-fridge, not a bottle of water in sight, babe,” he added. “Call me crazy, but I do believe that for the price of a room guests should be able to stay hydrated at their own convenience.”

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