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Tips for Motorcyclists, Car and SUV Travelers, Truckers, Caravan and Campervan Travelers, and Remote Area Explorers

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Yes, we all need to attend to nature’s business. On a long car or bike trip, you need to think about where to do it and how to do it hygeinically and safely. This matters even more when you go long distances with family. Here we talk about how to do it right.


Over the last few years, the number of motorcycle enthusiasts in the country has gone up significantly. However, these light and fast travelers often find themselves in a bit of a problem when it comes to finding restrooms. Generally, public facilities are not always readily available, especially on less-traveled roads. So, for this reason, many of the bikers rely on the hospitality of roadside dhabas and petrol pumps. However, the cleanliness and availability of these facilities can vary. And mostly in remote areas, some resort to nature’s call in the great outdoors, which is not the best place for the business.

The issue is even bigger for women riders who have to ensure safety from peeping toms, when taking care of nature’s business in wild nature. Even the roadside dhabas are very uncertain, and posting someone to guard outside the door and a lot of toilet paper rolls to lay out on the seat of commodes can go a long way.

Car and SUV travelers

The most popular means of transportation for people going on road trips are cars and SUVs. People making long trips in four-wheelers have the option to carry portable toilets. However, portable toilets are not cheap, and take up valuable luggage room. However, not many people in India have these portable toilets, and this is why the majority of people still depend on public restrooms. Mostly, these four-wheeler travelers utilize washrooms present at fuel stations, restaurants, and hotels. Now, the cleanliness of these facilities can be a hit or miss.


When it comes to the most amount of vehicles on long road trips, the truckers top the list. The truckers are the most important part of the vast supply chain of the country, and they often find themselves on the road for days. Now, while some modern trucks have basic amenities, many truck drivers rely on truck stops for restrooms. Unfortunately, the conditions of these restrooms can vary drastically, with some falling short of basic hygiene standards. When these truckers are on extremely long road trips, including rural areas, they are compelled to attend to their nature’s call on the side of the roads.

Caravan and Campervan travelers

Presently, there are not a lot of caravans and campervans in the country; however, these vehicles are slowly gaining popularity in India. Most of the high-end campervans are equipped with portable or built-in toilets and offer a more comfortable solution to the sanitation problem. However, the disposal of waste remains a challenge, as dedicated facilities for safely emptying caravan toilets are rare in India.

Remote Area Explorers

Over the last few years, a number of enthusiastic travelers have started exploring India’s remote areas, such as dense forests or the rugged terrain of Leh and Ladakh. Now, with this unique style of travel, the challenge for proper sanitation becomes even more hard. Mostly, the lack of infrastructure leads to increased reliance on open defecation, raising environmental and health concerns. Now, while responsible travelers may carry portable toilets or bury their waste, this is not a common phenomenon.

What needs to be done?

To address these challenges, there is a clear need for improved sanitation facilities along India’s highways and in remote tourist destinations. The government and people who are traveling along with business owners should invest in proper sanitation. Facilities such as mobile toilets, eco-friendly portable toilets, and enhanced infrastructure at truck stops and rest areas should be increased. Additionally, raising awareness among travelers about responsible waste disposal and environmental conservation is also a very crucial aspect for a cleaner and safer road trip experience.

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