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Top 10 Texas Weekend Getaways To Unwind & Embrace The Charm

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  • Weekend getaways in Texas offer a refreshing break from work, with affordable options and scenic road trips.
  • Margaritaville Beach Resort and Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort are perfect for beach lovers and families, with fun activities and beautiful rooms.
  • The Woodlands Resort, The Resort at Schlitterbahn, and other top resorts offer a range of amenities, from pools and golf courses to spas and delicious dining options.

Weekends don’t always have to be spent on that couch catching up with favorite shows. A three-day getaway is enough for travelers living in the United States to take a refreshing break from work and soak in the best luxurious resorts in Texas.

The best part? Weekend getaways are pretty affordable; one doesn’t have to worry about travel costs such as flight tickets. In fact, it’s a win-win situation for those who enjoy scenic road trips in the US, as the trip to Texas most certainly delivers that.

That said, we understand that planning a weekend getaway alone can be time-consuming, which is why we have curated a list of the top 10 weekend getaway resorts to make planning much faster and easier to get there for a fantastic weekend experience. Continue reading for more information!

Based on online research, these are the top 10 resorts in New York City, with a minimum rating of 7.0 on Travelers are advised to do further research before booking to avoid inconvenience.

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Rating 8.1

How would it feel to be on a beach during the weekend after having a badass week, rejuvenating, right? Well, that is what Margaritaville Beach Resort delivers. It features one of the best beaches in Texas, and the beautifully decorated oceanfront rooms deliver a magnificent view from the balcony. Guests here can also enjoy the water slides or just lay on the day beds and let the summer sun soak into the skin.

Rating 8.2

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort is perfect for a family weekend getaway. The resort covers over 300 acres of land, and all recent guests always boast about the friendly staff, fun activities, and cozy rooms.

The fun here begins way before guests arrive at the spacious and beautifully decorated hotel rooms. With the resort’s proximity to SeaWorld, there is a fun water park to enjoy and a natural trail waiting to be explored by those who enjoy the comfort of being around nature.

Rating 8.2

Just as the name suggests, the Woodlands Resort is set on 28,000 acres of natural forest in the Woodlands, Texas. The hotel is perfect for travelers looking to host an important event during the weekend. With about 402 rooms and suites, the hotel can host many guests coming to attend a wedding or birthday party. The hotel also features five pools with hot tubs and waterslides to top off the fun.

Rating 8.4

The Resort at Schlitterbahn lies in the heart of New Braunfels on the Northeast Side of San Antonio. The Schlitterbahn is a one-of-a-kind resort that makes every traveler want to prolong their stay, whether during holidays or weekend getaways, thanks to its proximity to the banks of the Comal River.

Moreover, visitors not only enjoy first-class amenities but also access to one of the world’s most exciting water parks. The fun doesn’t stop there. The 5 bedroom vacation homes and lavish hotel rooms offer a serene and relaxing environment, given that they are all surrounded by splashing water and lush green trees.

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Rating 8.4

The San Luis is the perfect weekend getaway resort for all the historical buffs. This luxurious boutique resort in Galveston Island boasts a wide range of activities on land and sea that guests can indulge in while soaking up the area’s rich history. The resort also features some of the best award-winning restaurants in Texas. Thus, guests can expect delicious meals and refreshing cocktails throughout the weekend.

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Rating 8.4

Want to practice your golf swing moves? If yes, the Westin Dallas Stonebriar should be on that bucket list of weekend getaways in the US.

This premium resort is 24 miles north of Dallas and offers many affordable golf courses during the weekend. For non-golfers, the result is also perfect for relaxing, soaking in the pool, and, of course, getting pampered at the in-room spa. The rooms here are also worth the stay. They are spacious with beautiful decor complementing the cozy heavenly beds.

Rating 8.4

Guests staying at Gaylord Texan Resort and Convection praise the scenic views this resort delivers, given that it overlooks Grapevine Lake. The fun extends further. Inside the resort are budget-friendly amenities that cater to all travelers’ needs. Starting with the fitness center, a spa, and retail outlets, to classic restaurants where guests can savor deliciously prepared meals. The exquisite rooms also feature a flat-screen TV to help guests wrap up the day in style.

Rating 8.5

Looking for a world-class destination in the Texas Hill Country, not too far away from Austin? If yes, Horseshoe Bay Resort is the place to be.

This 4-star resort has everything every traveler would want for a fun weekend getaway, from award-winning golf courses to a waterfront spa that rewards visitors with breathtaking lake views while getting a rejuvenating massage; there’s a lot that’ll help you unwind and enjoy your break. And that’s not all – food lovers also get an opportunity to savor delicious cuisines within the resort’s restaurant.

Travelers love the distinguished dining options and genuine Texas Hospitality. For more convincing reasons, read our post highlighting the top 10 reasons to stay at The Horseshoe Bay Resort.

Rating 8.6

Hyatt Regency Lost Pine Resort is the perfect place to revive and have fun, whether with the kiddos or a significant other. The resort, only 20 minutes outside of Austin, sits on 405 lush acres, making it easier for travelers to get lost within the pines, relax, and connect with the beautiful nature. The 4-star property is also praised for the generous staff who serve deliciously prepared meals and offer the best pampering sessions for those who enjoy visiting the spa.

Rating 8.7

La Cantera is another loved weekend getaway situated in Texas Hills Country. The hotel welcomes guests from across the United States thanks to its sheer amount of space.

The resort spreads out across 550 acres of land, accommodating both adult and kids amenities. There are several restaurants, five pools, a fitness center, tennis courts, a supervised kids’ club, an 18-hole golf course, and a spa stretching 25,000 square feet.

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