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Tourist on dream holiday gutted as she ends up arriving in wrong destination

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Mandy, known as Mandy Your TikTok Mum, was excited to fall asleep in Newcastle on the Caledonian Sleeper and wake up in Fort William, but was gutted when she found herself stuck in Edinburgh

A dream holiday turned into a nightmare due to floods(Getty Images)

A woman who had been waiting 20 years for her dream holiday was left disappointed when she woke up several hundred miles away from her end goa.

Mandy, known as Mandy Your TikTok mum on social media, had planned to travel from Newcastle to Fort William on the Caledonian Sleeper, but was forced off in Edinburgh shortly after waking due to heavy rain and flooding, reports EdinburghLive.

The 50-year-old shared her disappointment on the social media platform, explaining that passengers were woken at 5am and given tea, a yogurt and granola pot, and a cereal bar. She said: “When I bought the Sleeper for Fort William last night, I did not expect to be getting off in Edinburgh this morning. Of course, the flooding can’t be helped but they have to understand how stressful this is.”

She added: “This is a trip that I’ve waited to take for 20 years and I’m just a bit sad right now. I have had a text message this morning to say that the partial refund is automatic and they’ll be receiving a 59% refund. This means that the sleeper experience still cost me £180 but I will learn from this experience just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good.”

She had been dreaming of the latter part of the journey, which takes passengers through the stunning lake and mountain scenery of the Highlands. “I had this romantic idea of falling asleep in England and waking up in the Highlands. There’s no sleeping on the Sleeper,” she added.

Her fans were quick to check on how Mandy’s trip had ended up after the disappointment. She told them that she got to Fort William in the end and was loving the view from her hotel.

The TikTok creator has been looking forward to the journey(DAILY RECORD)

If there is one part of the country’s rail network that is likely to get the pulses of locomotive fans going and capture some Hollywood glamour, then it is the Caledonian Sleeper – the most romantic train the UK has left to offer, and one of just two sleepers left on our tracks.

A new dawn and a new start for the Caledonian Sleeper was in need after a disastrous relaunch several years ago led to malfunctioning trains and delays. While the Scottish Government is yet to say what they’ll do with the service in the future after taking it off Serco’s hands early and renationalising it this summer, right now it clearly has quite an asset.

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