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Travel bloggers spent £9,400 on Maldives getaway and it’s not worth it

by Staff
An overcast Maldives on Oskar Kappland and Dan Goz’s holiday (picture: Oskar Kappland & Dan Goz / SWNS)

The Maldives is a coveted holiday destination, one that appears on most people’s bucket lists. But two travel bloggers, who had an underwhelming experience, warned against buying into the picturesque shots you see on TikTok and Instagram.

After spending £9,400 to soak up the sun on white sand beaches, Oskar Kappland and Dan Goz, both 26, from Gothenburg, Sweden, spent most of their trip indoors due to ‘thick clouds and pouring rain’.

Their expensive nine-day trip was to celebrate their nine-year anniversary together but the pair have now warned other tourists to ‘manage [their] expectations’.

The couple stayed at two resorts and had many outdoor activities planned but despite going in December (high season) the rain meant their trip was the ‘opposite of travel inspo’.

Dan, a travel reviewer, said: ‘We tried to see the funny side because all you can do is laugh.

‘We knew it was normal for afternoon showers, but we had four days straight of thick clouds and pouring rain!

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An overcast Maldives on Oskar Kappland and Dan Goz’s holiday (picture: Oskar Kappland & Dan Goz / SWNS)

‘Our message in general is don’t set your expectations based on travel advice from social media.

‘Do your research, social media doesn’t represent reality. Make sure you know what to expect and prepare for the good and the bad.’

But don’t let this put you off completely, after all the weather can be bad anywhere you go and it’s out of your control.

Plus, Oskar and Dan had been to the Maldives together before and loved it. Why? Because the weather was good.

The couple were expecting to experience picturesque sunsets and shimmering crystal seas at the two resorts where they stayed (picture: Oskar Kappland & Dan Goz / SWNS)

The couple, who run a travel Instagram @oskaranddan, never considered their return between December 6 and 14 would be any different.

They had four days booked at a hotel in Dhigurah – famous for whale shark sightings but struggled to see and marine life because of the rain on the sea.

Oskar, a musician, said: ‘The whole place is weather-dependent – we went for the swimming, snorkelling and sun.’

Their second resort cost them £1,170 a night, where there were indoor activities to somewhat make up for the weather.

The couple went in December (high season) but it was overcast (picture: Oskar Kappland & Dan Goz / SWNS)

Although it did rain seven of the nine days of their trip, just like the weather back in Sweden.

Oskar said: ‘We’re originally from Sweden and the weather was like our winter there, apart from Sweden is colder. It’s what we were trying to escape in northern Europe!’

If you still want to go don’t let it put you off, and you certainly don’t have to stay in such expensive resorts, but Dan warns, if you’re going purely for the photo op to manage your expectations.

Oskar Kappland and Dan Goz in the Maldives in 2019 the first time they went (picture: Oskar Kappland & Dan Goz / SWNS)
Oskar Kappland and Dan Goz in the Maldives when they had good weather in 2019 (picture: Oskar Kappland & Dan Goz / SWNS)

Dan said: ‘We know a lot of people who want to go just for pics – for those people, it’s not a worthwhile gamble.

‘We’ve been using social media for years, people always see the best version online and it gives a false perspective of how the world is.

‘People might be willing to spend thousands of dollars to go to the Maldives and they’re not aware half of more of their stay could be bad weather.

‘It’s paradise when it’s sunny – but when its not, you’re just stuck there.’

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