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Travel expert explains why booking a last minute holiday isn’t a good idea this summer

by Staff

Many of us are thinking about booking our summer holiday in the coming months – there’s nothing like dreary Irish weather to motivate us!

Travel journalist and expert Eoghan Corry says some people think waiting until the last minute will get you the best deal, this isn’t always the case. “When airlines get their sums wrong and have too many empty seats, prices will drop.

“When they have a demand for seats, this will drive the prices up. Which way it will go can be difficult to predict so waiting until the last minute to book is a gamble.”

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However, Eoghan says he thinks this year people should book early. “Aircrafts aren’t arriving in the numbers the airline expected, and there’s a big engine recall on the Airbus side by some of the major airlines. This will affect supply all over Europe this summer.”

He says people who are looking for an all-inclusive package suitable for young families should also book early to avoid disappointment. “The hotels in Mallorca and Portugal with the waterparks attached that are geared towards kids tend to fill early. A lot of these hotels are totally booked up by tour operators like TUI or Sunway, so if you try to book yourself they won’t be available.”

There are some simple ways of getting the best deals this year. Eoghan advises people to look at places that have a lot of flights coming in and have plenty of beds for tourists to stay in. Sunny spots in south Spain, Greece and Portugal can offer good value.

Travel expert Eoghan Corry

“In contrast, Krakow is a city that people love to visit, but it doesn’t have that many beds for visitors to stay in. Even a small increase in demand can drive the price of a hotel room past €200 per night, really you don’t want to be paying more than €100 per night.”

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