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Travel news: These are the global airports passengers love the most

by Staff

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Rome Fiumicino is one of the world’s most loved airports.


In travel news this week: passenger–pleasing airports, cool streets around the world, France’s frog-leg crisis and Ireland’s best food and drink.

The busy beavers at Airports Council International have gathered nearly 600,000 surveys from travelers at more than 400 airports around the world and have revealed the passengers’ favorites.

Nine airports shone across all five categories in this year’s Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards, from cleanliness and staff dedication to easy transport links and overall enjoyment. Those happy hubs are:

Greenville-Spartanburg International in South Carolina
Gerald R. Ford International in Michigan
Rome Fiumicino in Italy
Casablanca Mohammed V International in Morocco
Izmir Adnan Menderes in Turkey
Guayaquil International in Ecuador
Salalah International in Oman
Sultan Hasanuddin International in Indonesia
Yogyakarta International Airport in Indonesia

We don’t like to name and shame, but for comparison, here are the North American airports passengers say they hate the most.

A thoroughfare in a cosmopolitan, coastal city has been named the “coolest” street in the world by Time Out in the travel guide’s annual roundup of rad roads that rule. This year’s top 10 was dominated by Asia-Pacific, with four cities featured from across the region.

What’s Japan’s most international city? It’s not Tokyo, according to some. A port city southwest of the modern capital was once the country’s gateway to the world – and that impressive legacy lives on today.

There are celebrations in Spain also as the beautiful tourist city of Valencia has been named the Green Capital of Europe. Flat roads and sunny weather make it a cycling paradise: There are nearly 200 kilometers (124 miles) of bike paths linking to “green routes” out of the city.

As millions of Americans prepare to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, it’s no secret that there are close ties between Ireland and the States. But did you know there’s a US border on Irish soil? Here’s why.

If you want to extend the shenanigans into Monday, then you’ll be pleased to learn that St. Patrick’s Day was once a three-day festival that culminated on March 18 – Sheelah’s Day. Here’s what history got wrong about the “female Saint Patrick.” 

And before heaping another spoonful of cabbage onto your plate, check out our guide to 26 Irish foods you need to try in Ireland. There’s a lot more on offer than stout and spuds.

If you have a thirst for the hard stuff, however, our partners at CNN Underscored, a product reviews and recommendations guide owned by CNN, will sort you out. Here are six Irish whiskeys to sip this weekend – and all year round.

If you go down to the woods today, prepare for a big surprise if you pick the wrong mushroom. Morels are a prized springtime delicacy, but a new report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says they’ve been linked to a number of poisonings and should be consumed with caution.

First Camembert cheese faced an “extinction” crisis, and now comes another blow to French cuisine. The nation’s appetite for frog legs is threatening the existence of certain frog species, environmental campaigners warn.

South Korea is also taking steps to protect our critter pals. It’s clamping down on controversial animal cafes where customers head for selfies with animals including raccoons, foxes and meerkats.

Tyler Layne/Visit Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Oklahoma’s trailblazing Tulsa Remote program launched in 2018, offering remote workers and entrepreneurs $10,000 to move to the south-central US city for a year. John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park is pictured.

Ali Majdfar/Moment RF/Getty Images

West Virginia: New River Gorge, the country’s newest national park, is also the newest community to join the Ascend West Virginia worker relocation incentive program.

DenisTangneyJr/iStockphoto/Getty Images

Indiana: In Evansville, qualified applicants can take advantage of a $7,200 incentive that includes $5,000 in cash, museum passes and a one-year membership to the oldest urban old-growth forest in the US.

MattGush/iStockphoto/Getty Images

Topeka, Kansas: Choose Topeka doesn’t just focus on remote workers. Transitioning veterans, people who have recently left military service, and former Topeka residents can all be eligible for $5,000 in direct incentives.

Roberto Galan/iStock Editorial/Getty Images

Kentucky: The $8,800 package to relocate to Mayfield (pictured) and Graves County includes $5,000 cash, as well as plenty of other perks – such as a free monthly delivery of eggs.

Ron Buskirk/Alamy Stock Photo

The Shoals, Alabama: In northwestern Alabama, a program called Remote Shoals offers qualified workers up to $10,000. Cold Water Falls in Tuscumbia is pictured.

Denis Tangney Jr/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

Rochester, New York: The Greater ROC Remote program offers $10,000 in grants and incentives (plus another $9,000 for home-buying grants).

Walter Bibikow/Photodisc/Getty Images

Alaska: Instead of offering cash to potential residents out of state, Alaska provides those already within its borders with a yearly sum from its Permanent Fund Dividend. The southeastern city of Sitka is pictured.

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Michigan: Approximately 350 scholarships and internships are up for grabs in The Michigander Scholars Program, which is designed to attract talent for the state’s burgeoning electric vehicle, mobility and semiconductor industries. The university city of Ann Arbor is pictured.

Some US cities and towns are offering would-be residents as much as $15,000 in attractive relocation packages to move there, throwing in everything from cash incentives to outdoor activity passes and free egg deliveries.

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