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Traveler reveals genius ‘life hack’ for finding the best places to take BATHROOM BREAKS during a road trip (and it’s NOT at gas stations)

by Staff

A Texas man has shared the secret to finding the cleanest, most accessible bathrooms while on the road.

Zach Underwood – a health, safety and environmental advisor at a Houston-based land-drilling firm – spends a lot of time traveling by car for work.

In a new TikTok he shared a ‘life hack’ for those in search of a bathroom during road trips.

‘Here’s a little life hack for you. If you travel a lot, or you drive a lot like me, the best place stop use a bathroom – it’s not a gas station – it’s a hotel,’ he began.

Zach Underwood has spent a lot of time traveling by car for work, which has given him a lot of time to figure out the best ‘hacks’ for life on the road
He swore that ‘hotels’ are the ‘best place’ to use bathrooms, adding that they are ‘everywhere and they’re always clean’

‘Hotels are everywhere and they’re always clean.’ 

In a follow-up post, Zach admitted that the strategy had once almost gotten him in trouble with his girlfriend, who he’d not previously told about his go-to ‘hack’ for finding clean bathrooms along his driving routes. 

Responding to a comment that read, ‘If your wife’s friends see you coming out a hotel you got a lot of explaining to do,’ Zach recalled an anecdote in which his girlfriend actually did notice him coming out of a Hampton Inn.

The two share their locations with each other, he added.

‘My girlfriend FaceTimes me, and she says, “I checked your location earlier to see if you were still driving… it says you were at a Hampton Inn.” I said “Yah, I was.”

‘She was like “Why were you at a Hampton Inn?” I go, “I had to take a s**t,”‘ he recalled. ‘I guess that I’d never told her that I do that.’

In the initial video, many of the dozens of commenters scolded Zach for publicizing the ‘secret’ of using bathrooms at hotels.

‘Man don’t tell people. It’s our secret,’ one wrote.

Zach admitted the strategy once almost got him in trouble with his girlfriend, who’d questioned what he was up to after seeing via location sharing that he’d been at a Hampton Inn
A series of comments berated Zach for giving away the ‘secret’ of hotel bathrooms
Others offered up their own on-the-road bathroom recommendations

‘Why you gotta tell???’ a second echoned.

‘No don’t tell anyone! Then they’ll stop letting people doing it without asking for room key,’ a third moaned.

‘Don’t tell everybody this!’ a fourth agreed.

Others shared their own on-the-road bathroom recommendations.

‘My hubby says Home Depot or Lowe’s,’ one chimed in.

‘Or hospital. I do those bc they are CLEAN,’ another offered. 

‘Car dealerships… free coffee and maybe snacks too,’ one bathroom-experience hopeful mused.

Meanwhile some social media users were decidedly okay with an absolutely no-frills solution for bathroom breaks.

‘Why not just a 5 gallon pail,’ one shrugged.

Zach is far from the first road-weary traveler to share his tricks for car-centric lifestyles. 

Last November, DailyMail.com compiled a list of the top road-trip hacks shared by a variety of content creators, from anchoring a pair of underwear on one’s headrest as a double sleep mask and ‘head holder,’ to heating up sandwiches under car hoods.

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