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TUI Belgium reports strong bookings for “Crocus Holiday” (spring break) 2024 despite regional variations

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TUI Belgium, the country’s largest travel organisation, expresses satisfaction with bookings for the Flemish “Crocus Holiday”, set to commence this weekend. While the Flemish spring break lasts a week, French-speaking students enjoy a two-week break starting from February 23. Despite the shorter duration for Flemish travellers and heightened demand due to the holiday coinciding with other European countries, TUI observes stability in bookings, with Spain and France emerging as top destinations.

The Flemish spring break aligns with several European countries, leading to a tighter availability of hotel rooms. Notably, the loyalty of Flemish travellers to their week of winter break remains constant, whether in sunny locales or snowy destinations. Spain experiences a surge in popularity, while Egypt relinquishes some market share. Ski enthusiasts are drawn to the French Alps.

Flemish travellers share their spring break period with major European countries, including France, Germany, and the Netherlands. The French-speaking Belgians, with a longer holiday duration starting in two weeks, enjoy a broader choice in destination availability. The French-speaking spring break, spanning two weeks, enables families to opt for extended winter breaks in exotic destinations like the Dominican Republic or Mexico.

Despite the shorter duration and heightened destination crowds, Flemish travellers show resilience in seeking winter sun getaways. TUI records a 3% increase in Flemish travellers for flying holidays, with over half choosing Spain, which sees a remarkable 10% growth. Spain dominates the top five destinations, with Egypt ranking second at 15%. Cape Verde gains popularity, capturing 10% of Flemish travellers. The average spending per person on the spring break remains consistent at €1370.

The spring break also proves to be an excellent period for winter sports, witnessing a 15% increase in Flemish skiers compared to 2023. France and Austria collectively attract 80% of winter sports enthusiasts, with France experiencing a notable 30% growth. Fresh snowfall forecasts add to the appeal of ski destinations. The average budget per person for a ski holiday rises by 4% to €803 compared to the previous year.

Top 5 countries for Flemish flying holidays: Spain, Egypt, Cape Verde, Morocco, Tunisia

Top 5 regions for Flemish flying holidays: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Costa Blanca, Hurghada, Costa del Sol

Top 5 Flemish ski holidays: France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany

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