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UAE Tops the List as the Favorite Travel Destination for Indian Tourists in 2022

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In a year marked by the resumption of global travel, Indian tourists also showed a desire to travel once again, as millions of them were scattered across the world.

According to data from and Statista, the United Arab Emirates was the leading destination for Indian tourists in 2022, attracting a staggering 5.89 million visitors in a year, VisaGuide.World reports.

The Middle East continues to be a popular destination for Indians as Saudi Arabia – another country in the region, was the second most visited for the year, hosting around 2.42 million visitors.

With some 1.68 million visitors, the United States will be the third most visited destination in the world for Indian tourists in 2022, with the US continuing to captivate the imagination of Indian travelers, offering a blend of cultural richness and modern marvels.

The diversity in Indian tourists’ desire to travel the world is further noticed in the fourth most visited country for the year, which is Singapore. This Asian country hosted close to a million Indian tourists (0.99 million) in 2022, followed by Thailand, renowned for its pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage, which is closely followed as the fifth most preferred destination, with 0.93 million Indian visitors.

Few tourists can escape the European charm, and neither can Indians, as the United Kingdom ranks sixth, attracting 0.92 million Indian tourists. The allure of historical landmarks, cultural festivals, and a diverse culinary scene continues to make the UK a compelling choice for Indian travelers. In addition, Indian tourists have ties to this country, which hosts thousands of Indian international students every year.

According to the Home Office, Indian students received the most study visas in the 2022/2023 academic year. Indians continued as the leading nationality in 2023, receiving over a quarter of study visas (133,237), a five percent increase from the previous year.

Further down the list, Qatar and Kuwait showcased their appeal, each hosting 0.88 million and 0.83 million Indian tourists, respectively. These destinations, with their unique blend of tradition and modernity, have increasingly become sought-after travel spots for Indian globetrotters.

On the other hand, the Bureau of Immigration in India has revealed that the United States has been the main country of origin for foreign tourist arrivals in 2022, with a total of 13.7 million arrivals, while Bangladesh followed second with 12.5 million visitors and the United Kingdom with 6.1 million.

The list of top ten countries of origin of tourists to India for 2022 is further concluded with Australia (3.6 million visitors), followed by Canada (2.7 million), Sri Lanka (1.7 million), Nepa (1.35 million), Germany (1.2 million), Singapore (1.17 million) and Malaysia (1.16 million), respectively.

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