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US Woman Charged After Pulling Her Pants And Underwear Down On Frontier Airlines Flight

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The incident took place in November 2023. (Representative pic)

A passenger aboard a Frontier Airlines flight is facing indecent exposure charges after she pulled her pants and underwear down, cursed at the crew and allegedly threatened to kill fellow flyers. According to the New York Post, Dulce Huertas, 60, had two cocktails during a flight from Orlando to Philadelphia in November last year and did not cause any major disturbances while en route. However, as the plane was about to land, the woman got up out of her seat and announced, “I have to pee”. 

According to the complaint, obtained by the Post, a flight attendant told Ms Huertas that she needed to stay seated but the 60-year-old began cursing before finally taking her seat during her outburst. After the plane landed and was taxiing to the gate, Ms Huertas “began cursing at passengers around her,” as per the complaint. The flight attendant then asked another crew member to have the captain request that security meet the plane at the terminal.

The captain made an announcement instructing everyone to remain seated. But at the gate, Ms Huertas allegedly pushed other passengers out of the way to reach the lavatory. When she was stopped by the crew, she resumed her aggressive behaviour. “Sorry, everybody,” she announced before pulling her pants and underwear down to urinate in the aisle. 

Ms Huertas did not urinate, according to the complaint, but instead “stood up and pulled her underwear and pants back up”. She “displayed her anus and genitalia” in front of the passengers, some of whom were children, the complaint added, as per The Daily Beast

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The 60-year-old then cursed at passengers and tried to push her way off the aircraft. “Let me pass, let me pass,” she allegedly demanded, attempting to squeeze by a flight attendant while they were in the process of disarming the main cabin door. 

At this time, the cabin crew was concerned that the woman would open one of the external doors and activate an emergency slide. She continued to try to deplane, but when she failed to get by, she allegedly continued to yell, curse and threaten to kill several passengers. 

Now, months after the incident, Ms Huertas has been charged with indecent exposure in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States, interference with flight crew members and attendants and simple assault, according to the complaint filed Monday in US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

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