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Video shows couple having meltdown at Charlotte airport, yelling at woman in wheelchair: ‘f–k off, bitch’

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Remember the kids Dustin !!! Charlotte Douglas International Airport #fyp #americanairlines

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A Florida couple had a complete meltdown at an airport in which they accused American Airlines employees of keeping their pet dogs away from them after their flight was delayed — and screamed at a woman in a wheelchair, viral video shows.

The pair, identified by the Daily Mail as 42-year-old Dustin Miller and his 40-year-old husband Anthony Thorne, were filmed making a scene at the Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina.

“Hello everybody!” Miller yelled to fellow travelers in a TikTok clip as he and Thorne waited to board a flight to Fort Lauderdale. “American Airlines f–ked us over!”

“Dustin. I’m not kidding,” Thorne, holding a Louis Viutton bag, shoots back while trying to calm down his husband, who breaks away from his grip. “You don’t care about the girls?”

The freakout occurred after their flight was apparently delayed. TikTok/@izzzjson

“Shelby and Dobby. Shelby and Dobby,” Thorne slurs, wagging a finger in Miller’s face. “Remember them.”

“I’m just trying to get home to the girls,” Thorne tells his husband.

Turns out, the “girls,” Shelby and Dobby, are the couple’s pet dogs, according to their social media accounts, the Daily Mail reported.

A woman in a wheelchair who was waiting patiently behind the incensed couple told them that her own dog, who was lying down by her side, was scared and shaking from their antics.

She asks the men to go away, when Miller snaps.

“F–k off, b-tch,” he tells her before leaning in closer to her face and yelling louder: “F-ck off b-tch!” 

Thorne can be seen grabbing Miller before the clip cuts out.

The Post has reached out to American Airlines for additional information about the freak-out.

The couple had a meltdown while waiting to board their flight, and one man screamed at a woman in a wheelchair, video shows.
“F–k off!” Miller yelled at the disabled woman. TikTok/@izzzjson

The couple had just recently celebrated their ninth anniversary, according to their social media posts, the Daily Mail reported.

Miller works as an accountant at Sykes & Company, according to his LinkedIn. He and Thorne live together in an apartment complex in Wilton Manors, Florida, according to the outlet.

Transgender OnlyFans model Austin Summers, who used to live in the same complex as the couple, saw the video circulating online and recognized the pair.

Summers accused Miller of making transphobic comments in the past.

He would refer to Summers as “It,” the model tweeted.

After telling Miller to stop with the insults on one occasion, Summers said he freaked out and threatened “how he was gonna kill us, beat our ass, how we were worthless nobodies,” the post continued.

Summers said the only reason that they didn’t push to have him evicted was because of Thorne, whom Summers said is “so kind.”

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