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“We fly our Italian greyhound around the world on holiday

by Staff

A couple fly their Italian greyhound around the world to join them on their holidays – and even spent £5k to have their pooch join them in the plane’s cabin on their latest jaunt. Over the last three years, Enzo, three has travelled to Hungary, Finland, Estonia, The Netherlands, UK, and Turkey. Nora and Sean Tayler, both 43, live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and refused to go abroad without their beloved pet, Enzo. During Dubai’s hot summer the couple always take six weeks off work to travel – with their pampered pooch Enzo in tow. For their latest trip to Hungary in July 2022, the couple splashed out around £2,000 on Enzo’s flights to Europe and a further £2,773 to travel back to the UAE – including the required veterinary certificates and import permits. Nora and Sean flew with Enzo from Abu Dhabi to The Netherlands for a few days – before getting a ferry from The Netherlands to the UK. Nora, a vet, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, said: “We always take him on holiday with us. “My husband and I like to go on long breaks in the summer. “Dubai can be very hot so we take five to six weeks off and Enzo comes with us. “Over the last three years, he has visited Hungary, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, the UK and Turkey – he absolutely loves it.” On their last jaunt, Nora, Sean and Enzo visited the Netherlands before heading to London, in the UK, in July 2022. The pair spent two weeks in the UK – visiting London and Manchester – before heading back to Dubai on August 2, 2022. Nora said: “My husband has family in the UK but we have never been to Manchester so we took the opportunity to explore the city. “We spent four days there, went out for food and drinks, just general sightseeing and got Enzo’s paperwork sorted.” Nora claims that Etihad Airlines is the only travel company that lets dogs in the cabin which is why the pair had to travel to Manchester to fly back home. She said: “London airports don’t allow dogs to travel in cabin so that’s why we had to travel from Manchester. “The only airline that travels to the UAE from there is Etihad and they are the only ones who let you bring your dog on board.” She added: “We always prefer a cabin flight, we like to have Enzo with us on the plane. “He only weighs five-and-a-half kilos so it isn’t too much space. “We live in Dubai but the UAE is really strict about bringing animals into the country which is why we have to fly to Abu Dhabi and drive from there.” In preparation for their travels, Nora paid £300 for a veterinary certificate to show that Enzo can fly. They then purchased a ticket for £1,195.20, a permit for Enzo to re-enter the UAE set them back £43 and a customs clearance £10.36 and veterinary inspection at arrival cost them £118.74 – setting them back £2,773. Despite the cost, Nora said it is worth it for them as she wouldn’t want to leave Enzo behind. She said: “Enzo loves it, he is very affectionate, he is happy as long as he is with us. “As long as he can see us he is very chilled, he just falls asleep and goes with the flow. “He is extremely happy to be flying with us.” Cost for their latest trip from Europe back to the UAE – Veterinary certificate: £300 Ticket cost: £1,195.20 Permit to re-enter the UAE: £43 Customs clearance fee: £10.36 Veterinary inspection fee: £118.74 Cost in total: £2,773

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