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‘We went on a blind date – by going on a week’s holiday to Florida together’

by Staff

Earlier this month, two British singletons set out for the airport for a £25,000 holiday unlike any other – a blind date to Florida, in the United States, with a complete stranger in the hopes of falling in love over theme parks and luxury villas.

Now, the couple have returned to the UK with Virgin Atlantic – and spoke to Daily Star all about their trip and whether love blossomed in the Florida sun. Travel company Ocean Florida took the duo for eight days on a multi-stop holiday around the Sunshine State together.

They visited Orlando, Central Florida and the gorgeous Anna Maria Island. They also headed to Gatorland, Busch Gardens, saw an Orlando Magic basketball game and took a hot air balloon ride through the sky – but did “sparks fly”?

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The couple chosen included Rebecca, 45, a head of Talent and Inclusion is a single parent and hopeless romantic who has been waiting for the universe to lend her a hand in love. The attractive blonde was paired up with Brendan, 46, a Product Manager who has been single for over three and a half years after separating from his ex-wife and had been actively been seeking a new partner, with no luck on dating apps.

After being chosen for the bonkers trip, Rebecca said: “The whole thing will be a huge adventure. The itinerary is great, the highlight looks like the front row seats at the basketball. I have never been to Anna Maria Island and that looks fabulous and a nice way to end the Break.” After spotting Brendan she even said he looked “her type” and added that he had “nice eyes and smile”.

Rebecca and Brendan meeting at the airport(Image: Ocean Florida)

While Brendan added: “It would obviously be amazing if we clicked romantically, but I believe friendship is the starting point of all good relationships… so, I’d love it if we became friends and then we’ll just take things from there. Either way, it will be such an incredible experience, and there’s certainly going to be some pretty romantic moments!” He noted that Rebecca was immediately “friendly and chatty”.

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