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Why Gulf County is the perfect getaway for the entire family

by Staff

The Sunshine State. It’s no secret that it has beautiful beaches and thrilling theme parks — but nestled away in Florida’s Panhandle lies a hidden gem called Gulf County, where the saltwater breeze carries adventures waiting to unfold. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect getaway that caters to everyone in your family, from the youngest explorer to the seasoned nature lover, look no further. It’s time to head to Gulf County.

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The tranquility of Dead Lakes is relaxing.(Visit Gulf County)

1. For the Explorer: Unleash Your Inner Wild

If your idea of a perfect day involves wandering along serene shorelines and soaking in the wonders of untouched nature, Wewahitchka is the place to be. Imagine Dead Lakes — a mystical expanse surrounded by ancient cypress trees, their gnarled roots a reminder of the past. Take a leisurely paddle down the Chipola River, where the water gently cradles your canoe.

Bring Grandma along for the ride — the tranquility of Dead Lakes is a balm for the soul, and the meandering Chipola River is the perfect setting for heartfelt conversations. There’s nothing like a day spent in nature to create lifelong memories.

2. For the Family Lover: Shorelines and Smiles Meet

Port St. Joe, a coastal charmer with a vibe as warm as the Florida sun, is the ultimate hub for family-friendly activities. St. Joseph Bay’s shoreline becomes a playground for family fun. Point out marine life to the little ones while the teens snorkel in the bay and Grandma enjoys the picturesque views with a good book. Numerous parks, playgrounds and walking trails in the town invite families to enjoy a game of frisbee in the park, swing on playground swings or explore scenic views.

The local seafood joints in Port St. Joe are a must-try. Grab a picnic basket and savor the catch of the day on the shoreline, creating a culinary experience that blends the flavors of the Gulf with the joy of togetherness. From fresh shrimp to succulent fish, every bite tells a story of the Gulf’s bounty.

Doesn’t this look amazing?(Visit Gulf County)

3. For the Beach Bum: Sun, Sand, and Seashells

No Florida family vacation is complete without a day at the beach, and Gulf County boasts two stunners: Cape San Blas and St. Joe Beach. Stroll up to picture-perfect sugar-white sand with the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico lapping on the shore. Whether the little ones are building sandcastles or the older kids are catching waves, people of all ages will have a blast.

Mom can lounge under a beach umbrella, catching up on that podcast she’s been wanting to listen to, while the rest of the family splashes in the waves or combs the shoreline for unique seashells. Cape San Blas and St. Joe Beach are the epitome of the classic Florida beach experience — sun-soaked, laughter-filled and absolutely unforgettable.

Get ready for a fishing paradise.(Visit Gulf County)

4. For the Fishermen: A Perfect Catch

For those with a penchant for outdoor thrills, Indian Pass is your gateway to fishing heaven. Grab your rods and reels and set off on an unforgettable fishing expedition. The waters around Indian Pass are teeming with a variety of fish, promising an angler’s delight.

Grandpa (or whoever the seasoned fisher is in your family) will feel right at home as he swaps tales with locals about the ones that got away… and the ones that didn’t! Whether it’s inshore or offshore, the fishing opportunities are boundless. Share the excitement of reeling in the day’s catch with the whole family, and maybe even enjoy a friendly competition to see who can catch the biggest fish.

5. For the Art Inspired: A Creative Canvas

Whether you’re an art connoisseur or just looking to dabble in some creative expression, Gulf County has something special for you. Local events like Plein Air bring the community together, showcasing artists capturing the beauty of the surroundings on canvas. The Joe Center for the Arts is a cultural hub that hosts exhibits that celebrate the diversity of local talent. Don’t miss the Turtle Trail, a unique fusion of art and conservation. Local artists have transformed each turtle into a canvas, creating a visual representation of Gulf County life. Best of all, many of these exhibits are free, inviting everyone to experience the beauty that Gulf County’s artists bring to life.

There are so many shopping options in Gulf County.(Visit Gulf County)

6. For the Shopper: Retail Therapy

For those who find joy in retail therapy, Gulf County is a shopper’s paradise waiting to be explored. Step away from the beach for a while and enjoy a day of discovery. Start your shopping adventure in Historic Downtown Port St. Joe. As you wander through the Reid Avenue shopping district, pop into the locally-owned boutiques, sidewalk cafes and day spas. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday (except January), the area comes alive with The SaltAir Farmers’ Market. Here, farm-fresh produce, clothing, antiques and special treasures await. Hunt for that one-of-a-kind souvenir that will forever remind you of your Gulf County getaway!

There are also friendly local outfitters ready to cater to your outdoor needs, whether you need fishing lures, lifejackets, or a new kayak. Explore the shops scattered throughout the county, along the beaches, on the Cape, and in Wewahitchka.

In Gulf County, every nook and cranny is a new adventure waiting to happen. From the tranquil beauty of Wewahitchka to the endless adventure in Port St Joe, the pristine beaches of Cape San Blas and St. Joe Beach, to the angler’s paradise of Indian Pass, there’s something for every family member.

So, pack your bags, load up the car, and set the GPS for the Florida Panhandle. Gulf County invites you to create memories that will be passed down through generations.

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