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Why is Buc-ee’s so popular? A look at the road-trip destination coming to North Carolina

by Staff

The highway hobbyists looking for a new spot to stretch their legs will soon have another choice to pick from in central North Carolina. But few businesses generate the hype of Buc-ee’s, which is an intentional detour for many drivers.

So how did the enormous gas station and general store with the charming name and goofy logo become a must-stop for some? There are a few answers for that.

Buc-ee’s is known for food, shopping, big and clean bathrooms

Buc-ee’s fans cite the food. Order up Texas-style barbecue offerings like brisket sandwiches, turkey, sausage and pulled pork. Others love the beaver nuggets, fudge (made in-house) and beef jerky when asked about what makes the chain so popular.

There’s also an abundance of branded apparel, cookware, toys and holiday decorations.

The restrooms are known for being clean and spacious, a reassuring feature for families.

How big is Buc-ee’s?

There are already plenty of large gas stations and travel centers along our interstates. A drive down I-40 or I-95 will have lots of signs for Pilot Flying J, Love’s, Sheetz and others. But like many entities that were founded in Texas, the size of Buc-ee’s is a big part of the appeal and kitsch. The space slotted for Mebane includes a 75,000 square-foot gas station with 120 pumps and 600 parking spots. For comparison’s sake, the average Pilot Flying J store size sits at 25,000 square feet.

Every Buc-ee’s location is also open 24 hours, so a robust staff is needed.

The main selling points of Buc-ee’s seem to be the better-than-average convenience store food along with the volume and availability of novelty products and gas pumps.

Buc-ee’s will be at 1425 Trollingwood-Hawfields Road near Interstate 85 and Interstate 40. Currently, the closest Buc-ee’s to the Triangle is in Florence, South Carolina. Buc-ee’s currently has nearly 60 locations across the southeast and operates as a private company to emphasize quality control.

A kind of fanaticism surrounds Buc-ee’s, which is apparent from Google reviews, Facebook groups and the sheer amount of people you can find at a location during the day. Some who are looking to get back on the road as quickly as possible may want to turn elsewhere, but if you’ve got time to spare, there’s something to offer everyone.

An hours-long debate went into the wee hours beforeMebane City Council voted unanimously to approve the rezoning and special use permit needed to build North Carolina’s first Buc-ee’s. It’s not known when Buc-ee’s will open or when construction on the site begins, but it’s clear the anticipation behind Buc-ee’s coming to Mebane is garnering excitement across the region.

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