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Why you should be booking your summer holidays right now instead of waiting any longer

by Staff

TRAVEL experts have revealed why holidaymakers should book their summer trips now if they want to grab a bargain.

If you are dreaming of booking a summer getaway, don’t wait any longer as you can miss on huge deals.

Brits are urged to book their summer holiday nowCredit: Alamy

People organising their summer escape sunny beaches and the blue sea are urged to act now.

Waiting until the last minute to book your flights an hotel can leave you out of pocket.

Instead, travel experts from money-saving website Which recommend to buy your tickets in January if you want to snag the best deals.

They said: “Travelling during the school summer holidays is never cheap, but not all of us have the luxury of choice.

“Our research shows that the cheapest airfares for peak season are available six months and one week in advance.”

But some experts are even warning that summer holidays should already have been booked, if people want to get a decent deal for the warmer months.

Speaking to the Guardian, several travel specialists warned that summer plans should be made sooner rather than later in 2023.

Karen Hislop, travel manager at Flight Centre Wynnum, said: “If you are travelling in the European summer, i.e. June to August, you really need to be securing at least your flights now.”

Meanwhile, Michael Johnson, CEO of Tourism Accommodation Australia added: “It’s fair to say that yes, it may seem to be a little expensive, even when you’re forward booking with plenty of notice, but it’ll be even more expensive if you wait.”

Booking early can also save you hundreds on hotels and travel extras.

They explained: “Hotel prices shot up by 13% last year, so bargains are harder to come by, but you can save money on big-brand stays by signing up to their rewards programs.”

All you need to do is join to their loyalty scheme program to unlock a variety of perks – including room upgrades, free breakfast and discounts on bookings.

Anyone interested can search for the best credit card deals with rewards on a comparison website, based on the type of discounts you are looking for.

When booking low-cost flights prices can quickly surge once you add extra luggage.

The most frustrating thing for savvy travellers is to find a good deal to then be ruined by ridiculous bag prices.

To keep your prices down, Which experts recommend to invest in a “good cabin bag” and “packing smart”.

Money-saving pros said: “Forget vacuum packs and compression cubes; we found that some good old-fashioned folding was the most effective way to squeeze more items into your case.

“Make sure you know the exact dimensions your airline will allow.”

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It comes as a frequent flyer revealed how he uses cheap lightweight bags whenever he travels, instead of heavy and expensive suitcases.

He said that the bags “weigh nothing” meaning he can take up his luggage allowance with more of his own items.

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