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Why You SHOULDN’T Buy Disney Vacation Club Right Now

by Staff

If you’re someone who constantly chooses Disney World as your vacation spot, you may want to invest in the property.

Grand Floridian Resort

And no we’re not talking about becoming an Annual Passholder, although that can be a great choice as well. We’re talking about becoming a Disney Vacation Club member. However, here’s why you should hold off for just a LITTLE bit longer.

First of all, though, what IS Disney Vacation Club (DVC)? This is Disney’s timeshare/vacation ownership program that works on a point system.  

Contemporary Resort

So how do these points work? When you sign up, you purchase a set number of vacation points. The minimum number of points is currently 160 and the maximum is 2000 when bought through Disney themselves. You get that same number of points every single year until the contract ends, and these points are used on Disney hotel accommodations.

Polynesian Lobby

The points you buy are not good forever — it’s not like buying real estate that you own until you decide to sell it. But you do buy the rights to the points for decades. The soonest expiration date for this timeshare system at certain resorts is January 31st, 2042 with the latest being in 2062.

Learn more about the Disney Vacation Club program here!

So why shouldn’t you join DVC right now? Well, lots of Disney World hotels are currently under refurbishment, so it’s better to wait until most, or all, of those renovations are complete.

Pop Century Resort

Many of these resorts are adding new DVC specific rooms, so seeing them fully finished will help you decide which hotel you want to choose as your “home” hotel. Now, you can choose to book at different hotels, but it’ll change how many points you’re using per vacation.

Grand Floridian Construction

For example, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is adding a new DVC tower where Spirit of Aloha used to be. This new tower is set to be open later in 2024 with new rooms and a new restaurant!

Polynesian Village Resort Construction

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is also revamping a ton of their cabins to be for DVC members. They’re expected to sleep up to 6 adults and will have a bedroom, bathroom, living room, full kitchen, and private patio.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa isn’t getting new DVC rooms, but it is undergoing a facelift on multiple different fronts (including the rooms), so if this is a hotel you plan to stay at frequently, you may want to wait until those renovations are complete. That way, you can fully take in the resort and all its beauty.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

The same can be said for the rooms at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn — there are new rooms coming to this hotel, so if you’re eying it for your home hotel, you may want to wait until all renovations are complete to decide.

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

If you’re bummed about some of these new additions being for DVC members, but becoming a DVC member is NOT in the cards for you, you can rent DVC points from our friends at David’s Vacation Club Rentals! It’s entirely safe to use and a great way to save BIG on DVC hotel rooms!

Disney Vacation Club

We’re always here to help you plan your vacations, so stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

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