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Young couple’s Lake District holiday let business flourishes

by Staff

Young couple Niall Mellonie and Marta Pawlik’s aspiration to attract visitors to experience the best of their home county began with a luxurious bell tent in a farmer’s field.

Since then, the couple have gradually scaled up and in 2019, they launched their holiday lettings company ‘Laik’, named after Northern English dialect for ‘playing’ or ‘taking time off work’.

The company has since won numerous plaudits, had ‘enviable bookings’ and received industry award nominations.

The success of the business, propelled by the couple’s commitment to local focus and customer care, has facilitated the addition of two more staff to the Laik team, necessitating a move into a new office on Victoria Street, Windermere, formerly the location of Sally’s Cottages shop.

In Cumbria: The interior of the new officeThe interior of the new office (Image: Laik)

In terms of what makes Laik stand out, Mr Mellonie said: “Laik is all about personal connection.

“Having a proper ‘shop window’ will make us much more visible, and easier for owners, visitors, and locals, to pop in and chat with us.”

The company prides itself on its ‘high-quality lets, extra touches, and personal attention’.

It aims to boost the Lakes economy rather than displacing people via ‘ethical letting and attracting local spend’.

This includes offering digital guidebooks to local attractions, restaurants, and bars in each property, and providing locals with regular housekeeping and maintenance work opportunities.

Laik boasts a year-round occupancy rate of 83 per cent, significantly higher than the Lake District average of 53 per cent.

As business booms, the Laik family continues to grow, with Marta’s aunt, Kate Cichon, now serving as operations manager, and her husband Sebastian is heading up maintenance.

In Cumbria: Laik boasts a year-round occupancy rate of 83 per centLaik boasts a year-round occupancy rate of 83 per cent (Image: Laik)

Mr Mellonie said: Traditionally, letting agents have tended to insist on a minimum number of nights, but at Laik we’re working hard to secure bookings for single night stays, since shorter stays are what visitors are asking for.

“People stay in a hotel for one night, so why not a holiday let?

“It allows more visitors to discover the area, bringing more money and opportunities in, and creating a healthier, more profitable future for our neighbours, towns and villages.

“Even though it means more work and faster turnarounds, it’s what drives us and our occupancy rates proves we’re getting it right!”

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