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Extended Weekend: R-Day extended weekend rush at favourite getaways Kolkata | Kolkata News

by Staff
Kolkata: Kolkatans are making a beeline for holiday destinations near Kolkata on yet another extended weekend starting Jan 26. This is the second extended weekend in the first month of 2024 after the Jan 12 weekend that had triggered a scramble among Kolkatans to head to weekend destinations — from beaches and forests to heritage sites and mangroves.
Cool weather and the exam season ahead have led to several families wanting to get away from the city before children gear up for their tests.A large number of tourists are headed to the Sundarbans for “luxury launch tours” over two nights and three days.
Tour operators in the mangroves said they were not taking any more bookings. “This is the best time to visit the mangroves as there is a high probability to spot tigers. The extended weekend and the cool weather have worked like icing on the cake,” said Biman Karmakar, owner of Samrat Launch Service in Gosaba.
“All our three launches are booked already. Over the weekend, we will be taking the tourists deep into the forest through the river route. If we are lucky, we might spot a Royal Bengal from a distance. All the meals will be served on the launch,” he added.
Hotels at beach destinations like Digha, Mandarmani and Tajpur have been receiving brisk bookings. Most trains and buses headed to Digha are almost full on Thursday and Friday.
“Two extended weekends within such a short span of time have come as a shot in the arm for the business. This weekend, most hotels in Digha and Mandarmani have over 65% occupancy. Influx of so many tourists will help other businesses in the area,” said Prasanta Biswas, convener of the Digha and Mandarmani Hotel and Guest House Owners’ Welfare Association.
Several resorts just outside the city have also received several bookings for “staycations”. “Our resort’s online booking platform has witnessed a significant uptick in reservations, indicating that visitors are not only dreaming of a getaway but actively securing their spots for the upcoming extended weekend,” said Rajib Roy Choudhury, senior general manager of Vedic Village Spa Resort.
“We will not be able to go out anywhere for the next few months as my son’s final examinations will start in the second week of March. So we could not resist the temptation of taking advantage of the extended weekend and such good weather,” said Suruchi Banerjee, a resident of Jadavpur.

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