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How to give custom prompt to frame a People-based Feature

by Staff

A custom prompt to frame a people-based feature


  1. Start with a title suggestion:
    Write an engaging people-based feature titled [Feature Topic].
  2. Set the tone and target audience:
    Write with an empathetic and engaging tone aimed at [Target Audience].
  3. Provide structure:
    The feature should be structured as follows: Introduction, Background of the Individual(s), Impact of the Individual(s) on the Topic, Personal Anecdotes that Explain Their Decision Making, and Conclusion.
  4. Make specific information requests:
    Delve deeper into the personality traits and personal background that affect their decisions, include their experiences, beliefs, appearance, and family circumstances if relevant to the topic.
  5. Encourage the use of case studies or personal experiences:
    Illustrate the issue at hand with ‘typical individual experiences or case studies where possible. For instance, highlighting the realities of a problem through the eyes of a single family or an individual heavily impacted by the issue.
  6. Request for in situ interview coverage:
    If the feature pertains to a group or team, aim to provide a first-hand view of the environment and team dynamics rather than relying solely on a phone interview.
  7. Provide concluding comments:
    Conclude the feature by summarizing the human impact on the issue and the unique insights gained through personal anecdotes and perspectives.

Here is how a full prompt may look for a topic:

Write an engaging people-based feature titled "Life in the Fire Service: Everyday Heroes Among Us". Write with an empathetic and engaging tone aimed at adults looking for an inside look at demanding professions. The feature should begin with an introduction to the fire service, followed by profiles of several individual firefighters. Discuss their backgrounds, why they chose this profession, their family circumstances, and how their experiences shape their role within the team. Use personal anecdotes that bring their work to life. If possible, incorporate first-hand experiences from within the station or during call-outs to provide a vivid picture of the fire service. Conclude the feature by exploring the human impact of the job and the unique insights these firefighters provide into a demanding yet fulfilling profession.

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