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5-Year Sleeping Bag Quilt Test

by Staff

Buying a new sleeping bag is usually a significant investment. So to me, durability and quality are the two of the most important factors I look for when deciding what to purchase. Not only do you save money in the long run because you won’t have to replace gear as often, but it’s also more environmentally friendly.

At $727, the Feathered Friends Flicker UL Quilt Sleeping Bag was a big purchase for me in 2018. From camping in the bottom of the Grand Canyon to camping by Sahale Glacier in the North Cascades, 46 other National Parks in between, the whole Appalachian Trail, and most recently, an Arizona road trip, this sleeping bag quilt has been with me for all of it.

I have consistently been impressed with how durable, comfortable, and warm it is for its weight at just 1 pound, 9.2 ounces. It’s been my primary sleeping bag for over 5 years. And it still has many more adventures ahead of it.

In short: The Feathered Friends Flicker UL Quilt Sleeping Bag is for people who want both a sleeping bag and a quilt option that’s both high quality and lightweight. Its 950+ fill goose down gives it a great warmth-to-weight ratio, and it packs down small. I have used this bag relentlessly on backpacking trips over the last 5 years, and it has held up remarkably well.

If you’re shopping for ultralight sleeping bag quilts, check out GearJunkie’s guide to the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags to compare. Or jump over to Switchback Travel and peruse its guide to the Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags and Quilts — which features several other Feathered Friends bags.

  • Temperature rating
    20 deg. F. It also comes in 30 deg. F and 40 deg. F)
  • Regular
    1 lb., 9.2 oz.
  • Long
    1 lb., 10.2 oz.
  • Packed size
    8 L
  • Dimensions
    62” shoulder, 48” hip, 38” footbox
  • Shell
    Peretex Endurance UL
  • Lining
    Flite 15-denier ripstop nylon
  • Fill power
    950+ goose down
  • Origin
    Made in Seattle of imported materials

  • Versatility

  • Warmth-to weight ratio

  • Spacious and comfortable

  • Expensive

  • It’s not vegan

Feathered Friends Flicker UL Quilt Review

Our sleeping bag quilts; (photo/Xiaoling Keller)

Originally, I had an REI Igneo 17 Sleeping Bag, which I liked a lot. But after seeing how great quilts could be, I knew I’d eventually end up getting one for myself. It makes your sleeping bag functionally more versatile for more camping scenarios.

The Feathered Friends Flicker UL Sleeping Bag Quilt is offered in 40-degree ($645), 30-degree ($686), and 20-degree options ($727).

When it’s zipped up with the bottom cinched tightly, the sleeping bag quilt functions like a regular center zip mummy sleeping bag. But when it’s warm or you’d rather have a blanket, simply unzip the Flicker UL all the way and you have a quilt that’s big enough for two adults to sleep under or on top of. It’s perfect for chilly nights spent outside under the stars.

In the Field

Camping in Arizona; (photo/Xiaoling Keller)

I finally got the 20-degree Flicker UL in 2018 for a 3-month road trip in the West. I have used it on every single camping trip since then.

Those camping trips included sleeping in 20-degree weather in North Carolina to 90-degree weather in California and all over the nation in between. This bag has served me very well across a spectrum of temperatures.

I’ve lived on the road for multiple months each year, as I prioritize hiking and camping, and this bag has seen some hard use in the field. So if durability is important to you, this bag has been through a veritable gauntlet of outdoor abuse and has passed the test time and time again.

Size and Packability

This was one of my favorite aspects of this bag. I love how spacious it is when it’s zipped up as a sleeping bag. I don’t like being constricted when I sleep, and this bag definitely gives me space to move around and breathe.

I’m 5’3 and I have a size Regular (62” shoulder, 48” hip, 38” footbox).

When you pack it down, it’s roughly the size of a football. With a good stuff sack, you can compress it down significantly. It never took up too much space in my backpack.

Packed down, Nalgene for size. It can compress even more inside the pack; (photo/Xiaoling Keller)

I use the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Roll-Top Stuff Sacks and put it on the bottom of my pack to compress even more.

The Feathered Friends Flicker UL weighs 1 pound, 14 ounces (1.92 pounds), which is lighter than many backpacking sleeping bags. It also comes in a Long size that adds 18 g to the weight of the 20-degree version.

Compared to bags on GearJunkie’s Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags, only two are lighter than this one. And compared to GearJunkie’s Best Camping Sleeping Bags, it’s significantly lighter than all of them.


The other important consideration for anyone shopping for a sleeping bag is warmth. I’m not really a morning person in general. But I find my camping sleep setup so warm and comfortable, it takes me even longer to get up and get moving.

Feathered Friends store in Seattle; (photo/Xiaoling Keller)

It’s one of my favorite parts about camping. I love waking up to natural light streaming into the tent, feeling the cold air on my face but still being cozy and warm in my sleeping bag. With the Feathered Friends Flicker UL, I have enjoyed many mornings just like that.

Based in Seattle, Feathered Friends has been making sleeping bags since 1972; its tagline is “Warmth Wherever You Are.” From my experience with its Flicker UL sleeping bag and quilt, I’d say that rings true for its products.

Feathered Fiends used 950+ fill power down and ultralight Pertex Endurance fabric in the Flicker UL. That allows the bag to provide maximum warmth while keeping its weight as low as possible for backpacking.

(Photo/Xiaoling Keller)

The bag is rated 20 degrees F. But if I know it’s going to be really cold, I use the Feathered Friends, Cocoon Expedition Silk Liner to add extra warmth. This also helps keep everything cleaner, as the liner is much easier to clean than the bag.

My full sleep setup includes the Therm-a-Rest Neo Air XLite NXT (which I’ve also reviewed for GearJunkie). I also use the Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow. Together it’s a very dialed and lightweight setup. I get great sleep on the trail thanks to the quality of my sleep system.

Flicker UL Care and Durability

Washing instructions; (photo/Xiaoling Keller)

If taken care of properly, this sleeping bag quilt will last you years — just as mine has lasted me. People often put off washing their sleeping bags because they’re afraid to damage them or because it seems like too big of a task. But it’s much easier than many people assume. And it will extend the life of your bag significantly.

It’s important to use the correct detergent and washer type. It’s also helpful to read up on other tips to help keep your bag clean. I’ve washed mine every season and I am consistently impressed with how durable and comfortable it continues to be. It’s holding up very well for having been used as extensively as I have used it.

Feathered Friends will also wash your sleeping bag for you if you’d prefer to send it to them. But doing it on your own is easy.

Storing the Featured Friends Flicker UL Quilt properly; (photo/Xiaoling Keller)

It’s also helpful to store your sleeping bag quilt properly when you’re not using it. It comes with a large sack you can place it in to keep it lofted. You can also hang it loosely if you have the space. Try not to keep it stored in a compression stuff sack, though. Over time that will pack down the loft, and reduce the bag’s warmth.

You can read more about how to store your sleeping bag.

Zipper Issues

The only issue I’ve had with this bag is the zipper unlatching. It would occasionally open up while I was sleeping and let cold air in. But the problem was resolved after I washed it.

It seems that there was dirt or sand in the zipper that would cause it to detach. Now I know that in the future, I can simply wash just the zipper if it detaches again and it should solve the problem.

Feathered Friends Flicker UL Quilt: Conclusion

Camping on the beach in California; (photo/Xiaoling Keller)

In the last 5 years, I have been on a lot of camping and backpacking trips. Some have been very long, arduous, and very tough on gear. But the Feathered Friends Flicker UL Sleeping Bag Quilt has survived all of it. And not just survived, but also held up impressively well and met all my expectations for performance. I love this bag and look forward to using it on many more adventures.

And with 150 reviews averaging a 4.9-star rating, I’m not the only one who thinks this sleeping bag quilt is a great choice. Others also found its quality to be excellent, and it has a roomy fit and is extremely warm.

A good night’s rest is so important while camping that it’s worth the investment to own a sleeping bag you’ll actually enjoy. I haven’t second-guessed my investment in the Feathered Friends Flicker UL. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a versatile, comfortable, and warm ultralight sleeping bag quilt.

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