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Travel Insurance for an Argentina Vacation (2024)

by Staff

An Argentine vacation is likely to be packed with adventures and excursions to places like Patagonia and Iguazu Falls. Or you may find yourself drawn to the bustling nightlife in cities like Buenos Aires and Mendoza. Whatever your travel plans, we recommend having a good travel insurance policy in place.

Travel insurance is no longer required for entry into Argentina, but you should have a comprehensive travel insurance plan. Traveling uninsured could leave you paying for any medical expenses should an emergency occur.

You can also use travel insurance to claim reimbursement should you need to cancel your trip or if your trip gets interrupted. Natural disasters like earthquakes are uncommon, but having a safety net if a natural disaster happens will give you comfort that you won’t lose your money from a trip cut short.

The following sections will provide an overview of the different insurance coverage you might want to consider for your Argentinian trip.

Cancel for Any Reason Coverage 

Most insurance companies provide cancellation insurance that’s subject to certain exclusions. You will typically be reimbursed for reasons such as:

  • Unforeseen injury and illness
  • Natural disasters impacting travel
  • Death of a family member or travel companion
  • Judicial and military service

If you have concerns about your cancellation coverage, you can choose to cancel for any reason coverage, or CFAR. CFAR gives travelers flexibility in the run-up to their departure. Should something happen to prevent you from going abroad, you can cancel your trip and be reimbursed for any nonrefundable payments.

There will likely be a cut-off point for this cancellation, such as 48 hours before departure, so check with your insurance provider for details.

Gear Theft Protection

Pickpocketing and theft are common crimes in Argentina. This may discourage travelers from bringing expensive equipment with them on their journey, but gear theft protection can help with that. Your travel insurance will reimburse you for any valuables you take on your trip, which could include expensive hiking boots, cameras and tech accessories.

You will only be covered up to a certain amount, which can be as low as $500 on some plans. Buy insurance with more coverage if you plan to take a lot of gear with you.

Realize that any gear you bought with a credit card may already have some coverage from your credit card company. Check with your credit card company to see if this applies.

Medical Emergency Insurance and Emergency Medical Evacuation

Accidents happen, and they can happen on vacations. Should you need to access healthcare in Argentina, you will want adequate medical coverage.

Travel health insurance covers the cost of medical treatment and emergency services should you get sick or have an accident on your trip. Check if any exclusions apply to your medical coverage before you make a claim. You will also have coverage for emergency medical evacuation should you need it. That includes medical repatriation to your home country to receive medical care.

If you engage in any high-intensity activities, such as trekking in the Andes, medical coverage is a must. It will keep you from paying medical expenses out of your pocket and ensure you get home safely.

Rental Car Protection

There’s no way around it: driving can be dangerous in Argentina, especially in cities. Visitors should obey local traffic laws and take extra precautions when driving. Regardless, having insurance that covers collisions and other accidents is a worthwhile expense.

If you plan to rent a car on your trip to Argentina, consider having rental car protection in your travel insurance plan. Buying it directly from your insurance provider is often cheaper and gives you more coverage than you would get if you were to buy it from your rental car company.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip cancellation coverage will reimburse you for nonrefundable deposits you made. Most insurers will give 100% reimbursement, and premium plans may offer more. Check your policy for the list of valid reasons to cancel your trip and still have insurance coverage.

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