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ALG Vacations Announces New Group Customization Technology

by Staff

ALG Vacations® (ALGV) introduced brand-new technology that allows travel advisors to customize and manage group bookings like never before.  

ALGV’s enhanced technology is now available in GroupEase® and allows advisors to build their own custom event page in minutes, tailored to a specific group of any size directly on a dedicated one-page website. The new automation means that there is no waiting. The page can be built in minutes with the new template and tools. 

The refreshed design and enhanced technology benefits advisors (and their clients) in other several ways:   

—Clients can independently book directly on the page and secure their spot at their convenience. You’ll receive automated email notifications of new bookings plus access to the groups’ bookings in the VAX Groups Dashboard. 

—Every booking made through the custom event page counts as one closed by you for commissions, ALGV loyalty status, rewards, and more. 

—Enjoy increased profitability and protection with features that allow you to add your agency’s terms and fees. 

—The new Meet Your Travel Advisor section allows you to add your agency logo, information, and messaging. 

—Sharing trip information and details on the group’s dedicated hub eases the advisor’s and group leader’s burden of ongoing back-and-forth communication. 

Travel advisors can add additional features, including event schedules and external links to wedding registry pages or your agency’s website. 

“When we dedicate time and investment to technology upgrades, we ask our travel advisor network for their list of priorities,” said Jacki Marks, Global Head of Trade Brands. “Customized event pages for groups of any size were at the top of many lists. But we took it a step further to also provide advisors with additional tools to protect and manage the group’s profitability.”

Visit the custom groups page has even more information on using these innovative tools. 

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