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Cherry Blossom – A Tourist Attraction In Kullu & Other Places In Himachal

by Staff

After a long winter and recent snowfall in the Kullu Valley, the weather is beginning to improve, and flowers are starting to appear on fruit-bearing plants. Cherry blossoms, such as plum, peach, and cherry trees, bloom in most cities and valleys in Japan. The flowers blooming in these plants in the high and beautiful valleys of Kullu, Mandi, Shimla and Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh will be a cause of joy for tourists.

In Japan, the arrival of cherry blossoms is a big celebration, as March, April, May, and June are great months to visit the mountains. Winter would be over, and the temperature would be suitable for travel, trekking, and other activities. The crisp blue sky, flowers on the fruit-bearing trees, mild fragrance in the valley, snow-capped mountain ranges, and gushing water of the rivers make the experience even more beautiful. As May and June approach, the number of tourists arriving in flocks also increases.

When flowers bloom in the valley, different types of birds start hovering over these flowers. Small insects around the flowers attract birds that consider them as their food. Many birds also help in pollination. Since the pollen of flowers remains in the flowers, pollination is done by honeybees, which is why it is crucial to have bees in our environment. Unfortunately, the number of bees in the world is decreasing, which is a matter of concern.

The fruit plants that bloom in this season in Himachal Pradesh are plum, peach, almond, cherry, apricot, and apple. Due to the change in weather, these flowers have bloomed early in some places and are just starting to bloom in others. As the temperature rises, the valley will be painted pink and white, making it a picturesque sight. Nature is the best painter!

In Japan, predictions are also made regarding cherry blossoms. In the famous city of Kyoto, the first flowers are expected to bloom on March 22, which will be four days earlier than usual, and the last flowers will be visible by the end of March. In the second biggest city, Osaka, flowers will be visible until the 24th of this month, and it is possible that by April 1, flowers will bloom everywhere in Osaka. These predictions are made based on the temperature and weather.

Forecasters believe that the northernmost province of Hokkaido will be the last area to see cherry blossoms. For Sapporo, the start of the Sakura season will be quite late.

In Kashmir, where these fruit plants are found in abundance, such predictions have not yet started. If you want to come to the mountains to see flowers and have a romantic time, then this is the right time!

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