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Disney World raising theme park ticket prices for 2025

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Historically, Disney World ticket price increases have been fairly predictable. Whether we wanted it to or not, about once a year, Disney would announce an incremental price increase that typically went into effect soon after the announcement. However, Disney has not raised ticket prices since 2022, when it announced two increases in the same year.

In the months since, we have seen other pricing changes on things like Disney World annual passes and theme park parking. On the other hand, Disney has also eliminated certain fees like Disney resort hotel parking fees and added complimentary attraction photos to Disney Genie+.

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And now, back to the normal cadence, Disney World ticket prices are on the rise again. However, this time the increases don’t go into effect until 2025. If you plan to visit Disney World this year, the price calendar has not changed. However, if you are planning a 2025 visit, your vacation may cost more.

How much more will you pay in 2025? That all depends on when you visit.

Disney ticket prices vary by date

For the last few years, Disney has used a variable pricing method, with prices varying based on when you visit and which park(s) you visit. The cheapest one-day, one-park-per-day Disney World ticket is $109 to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom on select dates in August and September 2024 (the cheapest months to visit). In 2025, that low-end price will increase to $119, a $10 increase.

August 2025 Disney World one-day ticket prices. DISNEY

One-day tickets for other dates and parks reflect this increase, too. A one-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom on the first Sunday in May this year is $174, but you’ll pay $179 — a $5 increase — to visit on the first Sunday in May 2025.

This $5 to $50 ticket price increase also affects multiday and Park Hopper tickets that let you visit multiple parks in one day. A three-day ticket with the Park Hopper option beginning the last Saturday in October 2024 runs $529.20. For the same weekend in 2025, you’d pay $570.87, an increase of almost $42.


However, not all dates in 2025 will be more expensive than their 2024 counterparts. Pricing for many one-day tickets remains unchanged next year. For example, one-day visits in most of March 2024 and March 2025 range between $154 and $174, depending on which park you visit.

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It’s also worth noting that the current high end of the one-day, one-park-per-day ticket price remains unchanged at $189 for 2024.

This price typically applies to Magic Kingdom during the busy holiday season. Disney has yet to release November and December 2025 pricing, so it remains to be seen if the high end of the range will get a similar incremental bump.

‘Free’ Disney water park tickets coming to hotel guests

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. AMY SMITH/DISNEY

Disney recently announced a new perk that may soften the blow of increased ticket prices next year. Guests staying at Disney resort hotels in 2025 will receive complimentary admission to one of Disney’s water parks on their check-in day.

Tickets to Disney’s water parks usually cost $74 plus tax for adults and $68 plus tax for kids ages 3 to 9. (Kids under 3 are free at all Disney World parks.) Heading to a water park on the day of check-in could reduce the need for a park ticket that day, which could offset some of the pricing increases.

Pro tip: To make full use of this check-in day benefit, it may make sense to stay at the Hyatt Regency inside the Orlando airport on the first night of your arrival (potentially even using Hyatt points) and then check in at your Disney hotel early on the first full day of your vacation to make full use of the water park tickets.

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There are many other ways to save money at Disney World, too.

One that can significantly offset the cost of this ticket hike is the regular discounts Disney offers on hotel stays and vacation packages. You can sometimes save as much as 35% on your hotel stay or receive a free Disney dining plan with your vacation. 2025 discounts are not yet available, but even if you book now, you can apply any eligible discounts when they are released.

With the cost of so many things (looking at you, grocery bill) going up, it’s no surprise to see Disney ticket prices also increasing. Luckily, there are still ways to save and have a magical Disney World vacation.

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