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Reality TV show fined for permit violations at Ka‘iwi State Scenic Shoreline on O‘ahu : Big Island Now

by Staff

Vehicles on vegetation beyond the permitted area. Photo Courtesy: DLNR

The DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) has cited Bumper Productions LLC for a pair of violations of Division of State Parks rules during taping of “Rescue: HI Surf,” an ocean-related reality series.

Utilizing the recently introduced Civil Resource Violation System, the production company was fined $525, the maximum amount allowed under the Civil Resource Violation System. The production also was ordered to repair and mitigate damage caused at Ka‘iwi State Scenic Shoreline, in East O‘ahu, on Feb. 16.

Division of State Parks Administrator Curt Cottrell said, “While the fine is manini (small), continued film permit violations could be cause for a denial of the company’s next permit application. State Parks wants to collaborate with the film industry, but compliant behavior is critical for resource protection and to minimize impacts to park users. This civil penalty sends a clear signal to the film industry and the value of this message, as a deterrent, is of greater value than the actual penalty itself.”  


On Feb. 16, the Division of State Parks was notified of a possible special use permit violation associated with the filming of the TV series. Two Division of State Parks staff and two DOCARE officers went to Kaʻiwi to determine if prohibited acts were underway and to assess any damage to natural and cultural resources.

Two production vehicles were beyond the area permitted for traffic. Division of State Parks staff observed two to three symbolic fence posts knocked over, and areas where vehicle tires had crushed naupaka at the edge of off-limits roads. Vehicles were staged within the boundaries of two archaeological sites, though there did not appear to be any damage to constructed rock features or other historical features.

Bumper Productions’ “Rescue: HI Surf” currently has an open state film permit for production activities in the Mokulēʻia Section of Kaʻena Point State Park, on O‘ahu’s North Shore.


Cottrell said, “Under CRVS (Civil Resource Violation System) rules, permittees who violate or have previously violated permit conditions or provisions of the rules within a year of their permit application, may have current or future permits denied, canceled, or terminated at any time, without advance notice.”

DLNR Chair Dawn Chang added, “While we recognize and appreciate the importance of the film industry to Hawai‘i’s economy, this situation highlights the need for all production companies to honor and respect the terms of their permit conditions. It is a privilege to use state land, not a right. That privilege can be taken away.”

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