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Six Flags Great Adventure set to debut 15th roller coaster this summer

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Six Flags Great Adventure is set to unveil its fifteenth rollercoaster this summer as it celebrates its 50th anniversary season.

The new ride, dubbed “The Flash: Vertical Velocity,” will open sometime this summer, park officials told

The park opens for the season on weekends March 16 and will operate daily from March 28 to April 7 for spring break.

No official date was yet announced for the debut of the ultra-high coaster.

The Flash will send riders along two U-shaped, steel tracks at a 70 mph clip in less than 4 seconds out of the gate, the park said on its website.

The new ride, The Flash: Vertical Velocity, will open sometime this summer. The 45-second ride will shoot riders up two 185-foot towers multiple times at 70 mph. The opening date is unknown.

Riders will twist up a 185-foot corkscrew before heading backward toward the station on the way to a second 185-foot vertical tower. It will complete this circuit 2.5 times, going up the twisted side three times and the straight side twice.

The ride traverses 2,700 feet of track in a mere 45 seconds.

“When you are barreling through the center at top speed and ascending vertically, you’re moving so fast that you feel like you’re about to blast off into outer space,” the park’s website touted. “Take a breath before you plummet back down that drop. It’s like throwing a totally vertical free fall into the middle of a roller coaster.”

The theme park is also introducing the Savannah Sunset Resort and Spa, which is slated to open June 14.

The 50th anniversary poster for Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari features a hot air balloon with a giant
The park will also see upgrade food, a new playground, and more as part of its 50th anniversary. Six Flags

Other new additions parkgoers can took forward to is a new treehouse structure with kiddie slides at Splash Island and several new retail stores.

Other parts of the parks, including some restaurants, are also getting upgrades.

“Whether it’s a guest’s first visit or their 50th, everyone, regardless of their thrill level, will discover new attractions, enhanced park features, exciting events and nostalgic highlights within our resort destination,” Park President Brian Bacica told

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