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Huge new holiday resort being built in Wales could work out cheaper than Center Parcs

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Folks over in Wales are busy building a £250m resort that’s going to give Center Parcs, the big daddy of forest holidays, a run for their money. The Wildfox Resort, tucked away seven miles northeast of Port Talbot, is nestled cosily amongst Cymmer, Caerau, Croeserw, and Duffryn Rhondda.

Opening in 2027, the fancy Wildfox Resort in the Afan Valley promises to pamper your holiday spirit with plush forest lodges, thrilling activities like canyoning, and relaxing top-notch spa facilities. Recently the folks behind Wildfox recently did a price comparison between their upcoming Afan Valley resort and the well-known Center Parcs.

They used financial data for Center Parcs’ closest sites (Woburn and Longleat) from 2019 and compared this with the predicted costs for the first full year of operation at Afan Valley resort, reports Wales Online.

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They looked at the costs for a pair staying three days in Wildfox, including three Afan Valley Resort leisure passes, and buying similar activities they would at Center Parcs. At Center Parcs, they said the fee was £828.21. But at Afan Valley it totalled £590.21, making a saving of £238.00 according to the info in the Wildfox Resort business plan.

Comparing prices for a family of four (two grown-ups, and two kids) staying three days, with three activity passes, and buying the same stuff at Center Parcs- it’s pricier at Center Parcs costing £1309.22, says Wildfox. Yet at Afan Valley, it is only £815.22 in total, saving £494.00.

The trail and lodges planned at Wildfox Resort (Image: Powell Dobson Architects )

The company stated: “With this model guests will be able to make a direct comparison against Center Parcs and others and see that they will get better value at Afan. Guests at Afan will get a one day free pass with their accommodation. This method will ensure high levels of participation in leisure activities across the resort while also creating the appeal to try new adventures.”

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