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I’m an airline ‘nepo baby’ — here’s what it’s like to travel with all the perks

by Staff

He’s got flight privilege.

The friendly skies are a tad bit friendlier to this New Jersey grocer who became the envy of airplane passengers everywhere after revealing that he’s a United Airlines “nepo baby,” enjoying free flights, first class upgrades and other incredible perks.

“I’m very grateful for it,” Joshua Crawford, 23, told Kennedy News of living the alleged “high life, which he detailed in a TikTok video with over 5.2 million views.

The “fortunate” son has been treated like airline royalty since he was born because his dad worked in the United Airlines cargo sector at Newark Liberty International Airport airport for over three decades.

“Nepo baby” on board. Kennedy News and Media

Crawford says his flight privilege has allowed him to fly over 120 flights spanning 260,000 miles in the last five years. He’s also managed to save whopping six figures on first-class upgrades, which he receives ahead of other passengers due to his “high priority” status.

“For me, the best perk is being able to be upgraded to first class,” gushed the baggage scion, who works at a grocery store. “I’m very grateful for it. I could never afford it if I didn’t have this perk.”

The self-declared air to the sky throne received a complimentary business class bump while flying from Los Angeles to London two weeks ago for his birthday. This would’ve cost a normal passenger almost $9,000 — a figure that he doesn’t even have in his bank account.

Crawford said he especially enjoys’ United Airlines’ first class due to their premium alcohol, a self-care kit with a face mask, the seat that converts into a “lay down bed,’” — not to mention the “top-notch” customer service.

“You get a couple of meals throughout the flight,” Crawford recalled. “For London, I had dinner then breakfast.”

“I can’t even say in words how grateful I am and how much of a great father I have,” gushed Crawford (pictured with his father). Kennedy News and Media

He added, “You get a couple of windows if you’re on the window seat. It’s just like your own little pod.”

In other words, he goes from grocery bags to riches every time he boards a plane.

Despite being a so-called “nepo baby” (a term Crawford pokes fun at), the airplane princeling has nonetheless had to learn how to game the system so he can get the most bang for his buck

This means flying standby as much as possible, which maximizes his chances of a complimentary first-class upgrade.

“Essentially I fly ‘standby’ which is where you wait until the last minute to get a seat on the plane so if there’s any open seats you get put on the flight,” described Crawford, who majored in marketing. “Sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss, but I can check the seats beforehand so usually I won’t list on busy flights.”

Crawford has flown over 260,000 miles. Kennedy News and Media
Crawford gets upgrades ahead of other passengers due to his “high priority” status. Kennedy News and Media

He added, “Every airline employee can see the number the flight has. Because I’ve been doing it for so long, I’m quite savvy about what flights to get on now.”

The only thing Crawford has to pay are the “really low” taxes for international flights. The serial traveler estimates that this hack has allowed him to save a whopping $100,000 if one factor in all the free first-class upgrades.

Perhaps Crawford’s savviest move was ensuring that his dependent status never reached its statute of limitations.

While United Airlines policy stipulates that children of employees get their benefits severed at 26, Crawford was able to keep his freebies by getting listed as his dad’s “primary friend.”

“Even after he retires, I’ll still be able to fly standby but it’s a lower priority,” Crawford explained.

Needless to say, winning the sky lottery has allowed Crawford to travel the world essentially for free.

Crawford has flown a distance equivalent to circumnavigating the earth over 10 times. Kennedy News and Media

The bon vivant claims he’s flown to 25 US states, 12 countries and four continents with plans to visit all seven in the future. His total flight distance, meanwhile, is the equivalent of circumnavigating the globe over 10 times.

“My top three trips I’ve been on were to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the Great Barrier Reef which was beautiful and then Tokyo,” gushed the prolific globetrotter while describing his travel resume. “It was beautiful and such a clean city and the culture and people were amazing.”

Despite his bountiful benefits, Crawford reportedly doesn’t have his head in the clouds.

“I can’t even say in words how grateful I am and how much of a great father I have,” he declared. “Even just allowing me to travel when I was a bit younger. I wish everyone could fly for free.”

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