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Let’s Road Trip 2024: Trip #9 – An Amazin’ Second Bite of the Big Apple (July 26-31) – Twins

by Staff


Detroit Tigers – July 26-28
Comerica Park: Capacity 41,083
2023 Attendance: 1,612,876, up from 1,551,149 in 2022 (Averaged 20,946, ranked 12th out of 15 AL teams, 25th overall MLB)

The Twins look to kick-off their first road trip post All-Star Game with a return to Comerica Park. For more information on the stadium, you can check the notes from April’s trip there. For this iteration of the east coast swing, the Twins will be looking to gain in the standings while simultaneously lowering their rivals.

After three games against the baseball version of the Motor City Kitties, the Twins head back to the Big Apple to face the always dysfunctional and entertaining New York Mets.

New York Mets – July 29-31
Citi Field: Capacity 41,922
2023 Attendance: 2,573,555, up from 2,564,737 in 2022 (Averaged 31,712, 8th in the NL and 14th overall MLB)

In 1962, the New York Mets launched their franchise, hoping to fill the void left when the Giants headed to San Francisco. 1969 brought a World Series title for the Miracle Mets, and they again reach the pinnacle of the sport in 1986. Other than a brief glimpse of success, ultimately falling to the Royals in 2015, the Mets have been more of a joke than a dynasty. Steve Cohen’s purchase of the team in 2020 led fans to a false hope of big spending equaling big success. The spending happened, and nothing but dysfunction has ensued.

Temps should be warm at Citi Field in late July, and many of the same tourist attractions that one would catch at a Yankees game work for Mets trips. Times Square and Central Park are just a river away, and Queens and Brooklyn present numerous cultural activities. Located just outside of LaGuardia airport, a Twins traveler can fly in and find easy rideshares to the stadium or lodging.

Citi Field replaced Shea Stadium in 2009, and its open concourses and intimate seating and sightlines offer a better overall fan experience than Yankee Stadium. The atmosphere is still uniquely “New York,” from is giant apple to its Jackie Robinson rotunda, fans experience baseball at its finest…win or lose.

Hopefully the Twins win, and enjoy their off day as they travel home, because quick trips and division rivalries are waiting for them in August.

The Twins will be traveling 2531 miles for 6 games, 1 off day, and ____ wins?

How do you think the Twins will fare on this return trip east? Anyone planning to go to either series?  Any favorite watering holes or tourist traps? Baseball is almost here Twins Territory…let’s get talking!


Let’s Road Trip is a series of stories exploring the Twins’ 16 road trips during the 2023 season.  I will focus on stadium highlights, attributes, Twins history, and community amenities.  Potential pitfalls and roadblocks get considered, and travel considerations get mentioned.  My handy-dandy Baseball Road Trips by Timothy Malcolm and Moon travel guides will be a go-to for this conversation.


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