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LOTTE rent-a-car employees recommend ‘Busan’ as a domestic travel destination

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  • Utilizing the industry’s largest national sales network, proposing tourist courses, restaurants, cafes to selected regions every quarter
  • Starting with Busan, four attractive tourist destinations in Korea will be introduced in March, June, September, and December
  • Busan Station, Haeundae, and Gimhae Airport branches, up to 55% discount for mid-sized or larger vehicle customers until the 18th of April

SEOUL, South Korea, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LOTTE rental announced that it will introduce domestic travel destinations recommended by LOTTE rent-a-car employees starting this year to provide differentiated brand experiences to consumers and revitalize domestic tourism.

Using LOTTE rental’s industry’s largest nationwide sales network, local LOTTE rent-a-car branch staff directly recommend travel courses and food.

LOTTE rental plans to introduce Korea’s attractive tourist destinations four times from March to June, September, and December. The selected regions will be revealed on the LOTTE rent-a-car integrated app, website, and SNS channels.

LOTTE rent-a-car is the company with the largest share of the rental car market in Korea. As the use of short-term rental cars by foreigners visiting Korea is increasing, we have professional response staff and rental manuals for foreign customers. We operate a 24-hour customer center so we can respond to incidents at any time.

The first region is Busan. Along with Seoul, the capital of Korea, Busan is also a destination visited by many foreign tourists. Busan is Korea’s representative maritime city and the second largest city in Korea. Although it is next to the sea, it is a city with many mountains, so it is considered a tourist destination with many things to see in Korea. As it is a place visited by numerous domestic and foreign tourists every year, Busan was selected as the first region so that people can enjoy beautiful nature, unique food, and various attractions through LOTTE rental’s unrivaled service.

LOTTE rent-a-car Busan Station branch, Haeundae branch, and Gimhae Airport branch propose three Busan travel tour courses where you can enjoy Busan’s spring along with the beautiful natural scenery.

First, we recommend taking the beach train departing from Haeundae Blueline Park, visiting ‘Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk’ and ‘Haedong Yonggungsa’ and ending at ‘Nine Mountain Forest’. This course allows you to tour famous tourist attractions in Busan. If you time it right, you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset along with the view of the ocean unfolding before your eyes.

Haeundae Blueline Park is a tourist facility utilizing the old Donghae Nambu Line railway. It is the most popular experience in Busan. Old railway facilities are redeveloped in an eco-friendly way, and beach trains and sky capsules are operated along the beautiful coastal scenery. Awareness is growing globally, with one in four tourists visiting being foreign tourists.

Cheongsapo Daritdol Skywalk is a bridge that extends toward the sea at a height of 20 meters above sea level and is 72.5 meters long. As it is a famous place, it is crowded with people. There is a transparent floor, so looking down is thrilling.

Nine Mountain Forest, which is the end of the course, is a place where the beautiful ecological environment has been preserved for a long time. It will be a healing time enjoying the sea and forest in one day.

The second course is a journey that begins at ‘Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge’, which was selected as one of the top 100 Korean tourism sites in 23-24. While walking along Songdo Yonggung Suspension Bridge, enjoy the natural scenery created by the waves crashing under your feet and the strangely shaped cliffs. After walking on the ‘Songdo Skywalk (Cloud Walkway)’ where you can see a dizzying view as if you were walking on the sea, and then taking the ‘Songdo Marine Cable Car’ that crosses the sea, you can be immersed in the atmosphere of the sea in Busan.

The last recommended course is ‘Jangansa Temple,’ a thousand-year-old temple. Jangan Temple, located in Gijang-gun, is a place where colorful cherry blossoms are in full bloom every spring, and has been loved by Busan citizens as a spring outing place. Free parking is also available, making it ideal for traveling by car.

The restaurants recommended directly by our employees are as follows. Grilled clams at Amnam Park in Songdo, where you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of an old restaurant ‘Huijamae’. The original stone crab stew restaurant with flesh-filled stone crabs and refreshing broth ‘Saeongjima‘. Udon with chewy noodles and thick soup, salty fried tofu gimbap ‘Baegseoldaehag‘. A snack bar in Seodong Miro Market run by an egg dumpling master with 40 years of tradition ‘Masnabunsig’.

The following cafes are where you can enjoy dessert and coffee after a meal and have excellent taste and atmosphere. A place where you can taste delicious homemade red bean bread rice cakes filled with red beans and chestnuts but not too sweet ‘Deogseonjegwa‘. A rice cake restaurant with an attractive combination of soft ice cream inside a thin rice cake ‘Holang-i-jellatteog‘. A flavored tea house where you can feel the traditional taste while watching the train pass through the window ‘Suwolgyeonghwa‘. A Gijang-gun cafe with an outstanding view that won the Korea Architecture Award ‘Waveon coffee’.

Detailed information about Busan attractions and restaurants introduced by LOTTE rent-a-car employees can be found on LOTTE rent-a-car’s SNS.

LOTTE rental has prepared a promotion for customers who rent LOTTE rent-a-car in Busan. Until 18th of April, Busan Station branch, Haeundae branch, Gimhae Airport branch offer a 50% discount on weekday and weekend rental fees to customers who rent a mid-sized vehicle or larger vehicle. If you write a Naver or Google review, you will receive an additional 5% discount on site. Foreigners can also participate in this promotion.

In addition, all LOTTE rent-a-car branches are offering a free charging promotion for all foreign customers who rent electric vehicles. You can recharge for free with this charge card during the rental period.

LOTTE rental, stated, “It was planned to improve customer satisfaction by providing the best service to customers visiting domestic tourist spots based on LOTTE rental’s nationwide sales network, the largest in the industry. We ask for your interest and participation in the regions we will introduce in the future, starting with Busan.”

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LOTTE rental is moving forward as a mobility leader that connects customers’ precious lives.

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