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OPINION: Bahar Bharat | An Exotic Getaway in Sun-Kissed Dubai

by Staff

I count my privilege of being able to travel around the world and stay at some of the world’s best on offer in far-flung as well as regular reaches — as being among my greatest gifts in life. Time and again I have traversed many lands, and cities, and been among people who have been gracious and welcoming. And on each time I have been understandably impressed with what I have experienced with my own eyes and feelings. One of the many interesting halts that I have taken in these sojourns of mine has been at the Dubai International Airport which as all would know happens to be the world’s busiest airport based on international passenger traffic. But I regret my halts have mostly been while en route to other places and I have not had the occasion to venture deep into this fascinating city and the reaches beyond the obvious.

The journey of Dubai from a sleepy Gulf port to a world-famous business crossroads in the time span of virtually a mere single generation is one to be in awe of and, needless to say, something that I have often read and admired about. In the course of my recent visit to the city, my perceptions stood greatly enhanced as I got to spend some meaningful time in this land of stunning architecture, fancy hotels, shopping festivals, majestic skyscrapers, glittering skylines, and of course, the enormous shopping malls and their vision for tomorrow.

I would, of course, be penning down my thoughts and experiences in the city but at this point, I wish to share with readers the wonderful time that I spent at Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, The Palm, Dubai — the newest addition of Taj international properties. Yes, this is the wonderful hotel that served as my ‘port of call’ in these rich lands. And it’s also the hotel where Prime Minister Narendra Modi had put up while he toured the Middle East in the recent past. And perhaps, I was treading unconsciously behind his hallowed footsteps. That being said, Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, The Palm is a beachfront property of the city where the word Exotic pans out in stark reality not only in terms of a superlative stay but also for being a perfect fusion of Indian and Arabian luxury at its finest.

The Indian imprint of Dubai is unmissable as Indians create the largest ethnic community in the United Arab Emirates attributing nearly 30 per cent to the country’s population and being a seamless element of the region’s cultural ethos. It is thus hardly a surprise that the Taj group has put its heart and soul into creating a signature imprint through the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, its third hotel in Dubai. Owned by A. Al Moosa, Arenco Group — a service-oriented conglomerate that includes a wide spectrum of business interests — this luxurious edifice on the east crescent of The Palm has 325 spacious rooms and suites, with most rooms facing the sea. Under the able guidance of General Manager Ranjit Phillipose, the area director, the Middle East has brought in his 30 years of experience to create an establishment that never fails to make memories in the lap of luxury and care. I had a great interaction with him during my both stays and learned quite a bit about the tenets and presences within this luxurious setup.


The owner of the premises rests with A. A. Al Moosa Enterprises (ARENCO), and his personal residence can be seen across the sliver of the ocean adjoining the hotel. Abdulla Ahmed Al Moosa, an Emirati Civil Engineer, established A. A. Al Moosa Enterprise (ARENCO Group) in 1971, when he set up the first national Architectural Design, Engineering and Consultancy practice in Dubai, UAE which in a very short time went on to become one of the largest establishments in the GULF region, maintaining a prominent position of leadership and pioneering among its peers through enterprises that range from Architectural & Engineering Consultants, Real Estate, Hotel Apartments, Hotels, Car Rentals & Auto Services, Manufacturing, Furniture Trading, Interior Design and Commercial Laundry Services amongst others. His taste and keen eye for fine design is very evident in the hotel’s architecture and the quality of furniture and fixtures used in the property.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, The Palm, Dubai, is truly a distinctive island oasis that creates a desirable setting for one and all to discover the ‘tranquil side’ in the welcoming embrace of the Taj group. With the architectural direction of Arenco Taj Exotica and the spell-binding interior design signature of Hirsch Bedner Associates, this establishment is the epitome of a grandiose hospitality experience with strong influences of an Indian welcome in an Arabic space.

I have been to the various Taj international hotels but what I experienced at the Taj Exotica has created a separate niche in luxury in my list of experiences and stays. There are many things that I wish to speak of — the top among them being the many hues of blue and brown that are so artistically woven into the hotel’s interiors to create a view that is breath-taking, a scene that blends admirably with the rainbow of aqua shades and mint green ever present from the individualised balconies of each room.

Then there is that exquisite chandelier, the Diamond Flow Chandelier by Preciosa, that sets the tone in the lobby itself for the opulence within. Fine dining at its very best is made available via the seven venues on offer with ‘Varq’ featuring on most lists as being the venue for serving Indian cuisine in an eclectic fusion of diverse regional flavours with an eye on tradition.

The other favourites for food choices include The Roaring Rabbit, then Raia Rooftop Bar and Lounge for that unforgettable panoramic view of Dubai’s skyline, Palm Kitchen, the Emperor’s Lounge and the Lime Pool, and The Coast. Among the hotel’s other attractions is the Spa Jiva which offers healthy dollops of Ayurveda, Indian Therapies, Yoga, and meditation. Mention must also be made of the DubaiHONEYCOMB HI-FI which happens to be an ‘Uber’ record store, besides being the Middle East’s first listening bar.

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