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Home Vacation Stacey Solomon fans baffled as they spot bizarre detail hidden in holiday snap after Joe buys £700k motorhome

Stacey Solomon fans baffled as they spot bizarre detail hidden in holiday snap after Joe buys £700k motorhome

by Staff

STACEY Solomon fans have spotted a bizarre detail after husband Joe Swash splashed out £70,000 on a campervan.

The Loose Women star, 34, has five kids, Zachary, Leighton, Rex, Rose and Belle – the latter three of whom she shares with husband Joe.

Stacey Solomon and her family have been enjoying a trip in their new campervanCredit: Instagram
Fans are confused how Stacey has managed to fit all seven of them into the caravanCredit: instagram

Stacey shared a photo of her family stood in front of the motorhome.

She wrote: “On The Craziest Adventure Ever, 5 kids, 1 me, 1 Joe Swash and a caravan.

“I fell asleep somewhere in Essex & woke up looking for the Loch Ness monster.

“Joe’s never been happier.


“Day one has been all about Inverness, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

“I don’t know what I imagined travelling like this would be. Although it is hard with such little ones, it’s magical.

“And I don’t think I’ve ever felt so free. And off the grid. I feel Like we can go anywhere & do anything. It’s special.

“I don’t say this lightly… Joe was right. Happy Sunday Everyone. Lots of love from all of us.”

But some fans were confused how Stacey managed to fit all seven of them into the caravan.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash forced to sleep in CAR PARK as Scots holiday chaos continues

One wrote: “What campervan fits all 5 of you!!! Need to know,” while a second echoed: “7 is a miracle in a camper. I feel claustrophobic with 1 other person in a camper.”

A third said: “It sleeps 7 but how many does it drive, everyone needs a seat and seatbelt. We had a 6 Berth but it only had 5 driving seats.”

Another added: “There are 7 of them not 5 the big boy’s are there as well.”

Last week, TV personality Joe showed off his new purchase.

He drove down the stone-lined country road in the short video.

Stacey captioned the clip: “OMFG note to self.

“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to make something happen just to spite me.”

She then posted a second post on her story where Joe is showing their two young kids, Rex and Rose inside the new family vehicle.

Smiling and shaking his hands to the camera, she scolded her husband: “You are out of order.”

He snapped back: “Come on! The kids love me!”, as his children shrieked with excitement in the background.

“What the hell! Oh my gd Joe. Are you not scared at all?”

But he declared: “Why would I be scared, the adventure of a lifetime!”

Joe and Stacey first met in 2010 after she won I’m A Celeb.

They started dating in 2015 and eventually tied the knot in in 2022.

Joe Swash gave fans a look inside his new £700k purchaseCredit: instagram

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