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The travel mistake becoming much more common that can cost you thousands on holiday

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EXPERTS have revealed the travel mistake that is becoming much more common and it can cost you thousands on holiday.

Many Brits are trying to cut costs amid financial strains, but opting out a key cover can cost them more than planned.

This common mistake can leave you out of pocketCredit: Getty

In a bid to to pinch some pennies, some travellers are making a blunder that could leave their pockets dry.

Travel experts at Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) have warned against skipping out on travel insurance.

The savvy move could backfire if an unforeseen mishap unfolds while traveling.

CEO Jo McCauley warned: “We’re seeing a concerning trend as Gen Z appear to be ditching travel insurance.

“According to our research twice as many Gen Zs are saying they won’t be purchasing travel insurance this year compared to Baby Boomers.

“Travelling without travel insurance simply isn’t worth the risk.”

While the temptation to skim on insurance might look appealing to money-savers, the risks are far greater.

Travel insurance can help cover costs if flights are cancelled, your airline goes bust or if you need medical assistance when abroad.

The expert claimed issues as little as lost luggage or a broken bone can send you thousands out of pocket.

Mr McCauley added: “We’ve seen medical bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for simple injuries like a broken bone.

“It’s a cliche but, it’s true — if you can’t afford travel insurance then you can’t afford to travel.”

A travel influencer revealed how she faced a hefty bill while abroad when she experienced a dental mishap.

But she was lucky to have booked travel insurance which covered the costs.

TikToker Jacki shared the three top things when selecting an insurer.

She explained: “So, my biggest fear when I travel is getting my luggage lost and turning up somewhere and having nothing and no money.

“I always look at how much they cover for luggage and how long it takes them to give you the money for lost luggage — and how quick the process is to let them know that your luggage has been lost.”

After the dental nightmare, she always makes sure to book medical cover.

She added: “I obviously always look at medical cover because that’s what every travel insurance covers.

“But I also take extra care to look at dentistry cover because I have actually had to visit the dentist twice while travelling and it can get super expensive.

“I had a filling in Sweden and somehow chipped my front tooth on a night out in Greece and both times it was covered by dentistry, so always look at that too.”

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It comes as Martin Lewis issued an urgent warning for anyone booking a holiday and explained how to avoid losing out.

In the latest MoneySavingExpert weekly newsletter, Martin warned households to take out travel insurance as soon as they book a holiday.

How do I find the best travel insurance?

Travel insurance can be purchased from travel agents and holiday companies when you book, but there is no obligation to take this.

Banks, supermarkets and insurance companies also offer travel cover and a comparison website can help you find the best product for your needs.

You will need to provide the names and ages of all travellers, the destination and any medical conditions.

Results can then be filtered based on the level of cover and the excess you want to pay.

You can also sort policies by price to find cheap travel insurance but check what is covered, as the lowest-cost deals may not always provide the best protection for you.

It may also be worth using an insurance broker if you have more complex needs. You can find a regulated insurance broker on the British Brokers Association website.

Also, check your current account as some banks may offer travel insurance automatically to their customers, although you should still check what is covered.

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