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Upcoming Tourist Attraction Near Ram Mandir

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Ayodhya is set to soon have its very own beach near the revered Ram Mandir.

The Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) recently received approval from the Uttar Pradesh Housing Department to transform parts of Ram Ki Paidi into a vibrant chowpatty or beach destination in Ayodhya. Chowpatty is another term for a river bank or sea beach offering food and recreational options.

Ayodhya beach: Key details of the project near Ram Mandir

Ram Kio Paidi Ghat, Ayodhya. Image credit: Shalender/Shutterstock

Located along the banks of River Saryu, Ram Ki Paidi comprises a series of ghats that offer easy access to the river. The initiative aims to transform the ghats into a community space with seating areas and hygienically prepared food options. The ADA is overseeing the development of the beach in Ayodhya, which will include multiple covered spots under pergolas and canopies for visitors to sit and relax, as well as several designated zones and temporary structures for food carts. Emphasis is also being placed on food quality and hygiene.

As part of the INR 4.66 crore project, a tender has been issued by the local authorities to commence construction at the site. Once an agency is selected, there will be a six-month window for the completion of all construction work, including providing comfortable seating options for 50 people along with space for food stalls. Upon completion of the developmental work, the space will be handed over to the food vendors. The overall project will cover various developmental aspects of the new beach, including sanitation, firefighting, water supply, electricity, horticulture, a paved entry route, and a parking area.

Part of a broader plan by the civic body to develop more recreational spaces along the riverbanks, the new beach in Ayodhya and the waterfront experience are expected to attract more tourists to the holy city. Currently, the riverbanks in Ayodhya are home to a couple of devotional spots, boating opportunities, and a few food stalls.

(Image credit: Shalender/Shutterstock)

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