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Why flying in spring is set to be cheaper this year

by Staff

SPRING and spring break are not so far from the horizon and travelers looking to score a good deal may want to keep their eyes out.

Vacations may be cheaper in the upcoming months and you don’t want to miss the best time to book a steal.

Bargain travelers booked flights for early spring to save moneyCredit: Getty

Bargain travelers have tested a few travel tips and tricks that have saved them money and stress.

Christina Bennett, Priceline’s Consumer Travel Expert, says that many have chosen to book their spring trips for early March and April, during a “shoulder season” between peak and off-peak seasons.

In doing so, they’re able to save money on airfare and accommodations and even have a better experience as crowds tend to be thinner for attractions.

Christie Hudson, an Expedia Travel Expert, shared her thoughts on the best time to book a deal.

“For those who have wiggle room, I recommend traveling the first week of March or the last week of April because it’s more affordable and half as busy,” she said.

To save even more, she suggested leaving on a Tuesday instead of a weekend, which will typically save travelers 15%.

Those determined to get the best bang for their buck have even tried out “dupe” destinations.

“It’s a new term for more off-the-beaten-path destinations that offer the same vibes and experiences as a peak destination,” Bennett explained.

Similarly, savvy tourists have also opted for “shoulder cities,” or according to Bennett, “a nearby destination on the outskirts of a tourist hub.”

In doing so, they’re able to save money on accommodations in an otherwise pricey neighborhood.

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More good news for those looking to save this spring — overall airfare costs are down this year.

According to Kayak’s spring break forecast, March flights are 3% cheaper than last year and April is down 8%.

Those traveling domestically can take advantage of lower airfare, with average rates of $288 for Chicago, $277 for Nashville, and $265 for Baltimore.

For those looking to venture abroad, check out average airfares of $303 in Toronto, $361 in Montreal, and $326 in Toronto.

Experts recommended traveling in March and April to save on faresCredit: Getty

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