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Warning for anyone planning to drive while on holiday after April 1

by Staff

Anyone driving abroad after April 1 need to be aware of a new change The provider that issues international driving permits (IDPs) is changing.

Beginning on April 1, 2024, you can only get IDPs from select PayPoint stores across the UK. IDPs aren’t often needed for most popular holiday destinations.

But if you’re planning to drive in over 140 countries including Turkey, Mexico, Canada and Australia, you would either need it or it’s recommended. There are three types of IDP. Which one you need depends on where you’re heading.

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Look on GOV.UK to see if you need an IDP for the country you’re visiting, reports Wales Online. If you’re travelling before April 1, 2024 and you need an IDP, head to a partnering Post Office branch.

For trips on or after April 1, 2024, get your IDP from a partnering PayPoint store. You can check out GOV. UK from April 1 onwards to locate these stores.

A spokesperson for car experts Swansway Motor Group said: “From April 1, 2024, the shift from Post Office branches to PayPoint stores will fundamentally change how drivers secure their necessary documentation. This move is designed to streamline the process, but it’s crucial for drivers to be aware of these changes and plan accordingly to ensure they remain compliant with international driving laws.

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