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Women share ‘horror’ experiences while travelling Australia

by Staff

By Shania Obrien For Daily Mail Australia

01:06 13 Mar 2024, updated 01:28 13 Mar 2024

Women have revealed their ‘horror’ experiences while travelling in Australia – and why the country isn’t always the haven it is made out to be.

Many have often warned others about the dangers of the Outback, especially travelling solo in the middle of the night.

Jane*, from South Australia, revealed that she was driving through New South Wales with her family when their car was attacked.

‘I was 14, and we were going to visit our great grandparents. It was night time and we knew not to stop for anyone or anything in this part of the country,’ she wrote on Facebook.

‘We slowed down while going through a small town, [and found] bars on windows, burnt out cars, run down houses. A bunch of people ran out from the shrubs and tried to jump our ute and pinch the camping gear we had on the roof racks.’

Women have revealed their ‘horror’ experiences while travelling in Australia

Another Sydney woman, Amanda*, revealed that a simple train trip turned into something much more sinister when she was faced with a ‘creepy’ driver – and the encounter has soured her experience with public transport.

‘I was a teenager and a friend and I were tipsy and riding home. The train was mostly empty and we somehow made it to the front.

‘The train driver let us in the cabin with him while he was doing his train controlling thing – and then he locked the door and wouldn’t let us out!’

The women were overcome with terror and didn’t know how to escape from the precarious situation.

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They were shocked that a train driver would endanger them like that.

‘We absolutely freaked but tried to play it cool,’ she said. 

‘Another man on the train noticed and started banging on the door from the other side and the driver finally let us out.’

But the nightmare was not over – the duo was still far away from home. 

‘We were stuck in Lithgow at 2am, and a station staff member ended up driving us home – which was an hour away.’

Amanda was shocked nothing truly bad happened to her and her friend.

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, call Triple Zero (000).

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