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This City Is America’s Most Expensive Weekend Getaway

by Staff

America’s most expensive weekend getaway is only 0 miles from Boston.

Because it is Boston.

A weekend trip for one couple to Boston averages about $1,400-the most expensive of 50 major U.S. cities. New York trailed closely behind Boston at $1,291 for a weekend trip. San Diego followed in third with a weekend trip costing an average of $1231.

Scott and Yangling, the go-to place for travel tips, filtered through various sources-United States Census Bureau, Kayak, Numbeo, and Expatistan- to identify costs associated with a weekend trip such as accommodations, food and beverage, entertainment, and transport.

America’s 50 most-populated cities were part of Scott and Yanling’s analysis. The editorial travel-duo’s findings identified Boston as the most expensive weekend getaway for 2 people.

Boston is America’s most expensive weekend getaway

The average hotel room in Boston will set you back $345. An average weekend trip here will come to an average grand total of $1400 according to the publication. Of course, recognizing, there’s a huge difference between a weekend trip to Boston from Rhode Island versus California.

Regardless, it’s affirmation to the soaring cost of living in Boston. Astronomical costs attached to basic needs are no longer unique to New York City. Maybe it’s why Boston is also among the top 10 most overworked cities in the U.S.

America’s most expensive weekend getaways

The study assessed only the most populated cities. Other costly destinations like Newport or The Hamptons did not have qualify as cities with dense enough populations. According to Scott and Yarling, these are the most expensive weekend trips and their respective costs for 2 people:

  1. Boston, MA: $1,401
  2. New York, NY: $1,291
  3. San Diego, CA: $1,231
  4. San Francisco: $1,206
  5. Seattle, WA: $1,153
  6. Denver, CO: $1,106
  7. Long Beach, CA: $1,099
  8. Washington D.C.: $1,096
  9. Los Angeles, CA: $1,070
  10. Chicago, IL: $1,070

Nantucket was also named the “most expensive beach destination in the world” by TravelMag. The average night is $694-outranking coveted beach destinations like the South of France and Amalfi Coast.

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